Libqual 2015 Library Response

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Library Responses to the Survey Findings

You said!

We Responded!

You wanted extended library hours

The TWU Libraries conducted a comprehensive analysis of student comments and suggestions from various venues (surveys, instruction questionnaires, suggestion boxes) and gate counts. A vast majority of comments mentioned the need for longer hours especially in the evenings and weekends until midnight or 2 am and to open a little earlier. 
As a direct response to your needs, beginning 2016, the TWU Libraries will extend the Spring and Fall Hours by 16 hours per week.

  • From Mondays to Thursdays, the Denton library will extend late night hours to stay open until 2 am. We will also open 30 minutes earlier (7am instead of 7:30am)
  • On Saturdays,  the Denton Library will stay open till 8 pm (2 hours later than current hours)
  • On Sundays, the Denton Library will open 2 hours earlier and close 2 hours later.

The Libraries has also added library staff and security personnel to support these extended hours.


You wanted coffee and food services

Students have requested food services in the main library for many years now. Starting in Spring 2016, Starbucks will be available in the Denton Library. 

The TWU Library worked in full swing to accommodate this new addition by

  • Surveying peer libraries to make informed decisions about food services in the library
  • Moving library lab spaces to second floor
  • Relocating staff workspaces
  • Adding staff and security personnel
You wanted modern equipment, improved website and tools to allow easy and  independent access to information
  • We plan to pursue usability studies and focus groups both internally and externally to explore specific ways to make information access easy and independent.
  • With the redesigning of the TWU website, the libraries will also update its web pages to reflect the new design changes. Student and faculty feedback will be incorporated in this process.
  • We have added 16 additional computers with dual-screen monitors in the Denton Library.
  • We are examining circulation of Chromebooks as compared to laptops to inform addition of new Chromebooks
  • New study room software is being tested to make the the room booking process smoother.
  • We have updated the look of subject guides and are continually evaluating the guides to help with easier access to discipline and course specific information.
You wanted the designated quiet spaces to be monitored to control noise.

Students can email This service is available until 10:00pm. Library staff or security guards will respond immediately to student complaints about noise and resolve any issues.

The Garden Floor in the Denton Libraryhas been designated as an additional Quiet Space for study.