Faculty and Staff


Diane Gregory, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Art Education
Phone: 940-898-2540
Email: dgregory@twu.edu 
Office: ART 203

Meg Griffiths
Visiting Assistant Professor, Photography
Phone: 940-898-2537
Email: mgriffiths1@twu.edu 
Office: ART 303E

Liz Kim, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor, Art History
Phone: 940-898-2535
Email: ekim7@twu.edu 
Office: ART 102

Julie Libersat
Assistant Professor, Studio Art
Phone: 940-898-2386
Email: jlibersat@twu.edu 
Office: ART 304

Colby Parsons
Associate Professor, Ceramics
Phone: 940-898-2541
Email: cparsons@twu.edu 
Office: ART 001

Tanya Synar
Associate Professor, Sculpture
Phone: 940-898-2481
Email: tsynar@twu.edu 
Office: ART 008

Gary Washmon
Professor, Painting and Drawing
Phone: 940-898-2539
Email: gwashmon@twu.edu 
Office: ART 204B

Vagner Mendonça Whitehead
Chair, TWU Department of Visual Arts; Professor, Intermedia Art
Phone: 940-898-2530
Email: vwhitehead@twu.edu 
Office: ART 107A


Danielle Avram
Gallery Coordinator
Phone: 940-898-2533
Email: davram@twu.edu 
Office: ART 108

Lynne Vriezen
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 940-898-2530
Email: lvriezen@twu.edu 
Office: ART 107