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TWU uses two learning management systems called Blackboard and Canvas to support online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses. 

Courses taught in Canvas for Spring 2019 are listed below; for all other courses log into Blackboard.

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Canvas Courses

  • As of June 4, 2018 (Summer 2/Summer 3/Summer) all Nursing courses will be taught in Canvas.
  • As of August 27, 2018 (Fall) all BUS, DNCEECON, FS, HCA, HS, HSM, KINS, PHIL, PSY, SOCI, SOWK, and UNIV courses will be taught in Canvas.
  • As of January 14, 2019 (Spring) all COMS, CSCI, DH, DRAM, EDUC, FT, GOV, HIST, MATH, NFS, and READ will be taught in Canvas.

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