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STTI 28th Annual Research Congress 

Fuqin Liu presenting in Dublin

The Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) 28th Annual Research Congress held in Dublin, Ireland, July 27-31, 2017 was well represented by Texas Woman’s University and the TWU Center for Global Nursing (CGN). Attendees at the conference from CGN included Drs. Rita Dellostritto, Anne Koci, Juan Leyva, Fuqin Liu, and Patrick Palmieri, These CGN members also represented the following members who contributed to the research studies, but were unable to attend the Congress: Drs. Sandra Cesario, Joan Edwards, Judith McFarlane, and Elizabeth Restrepo. 

STTI Global Advisory Panel Report on the Future of Nursing and Midwifery released

Dr. Sandy Cesario at the ICN conference

The 44th Annual STTI Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, was attended at the end of October, 2017 by several of our CGN members, including Dr. Sandra Cesario, Dr. Patrick Palmieri, Dr. Ainslie Nibert, and Dr. Wyona Freysteinson. Sandy presented “The Influence of Partners on the Reproductive Decision Making of Women Living with HIV” for the HIV research team headed by Dr. Juan Leyva-Moral.  Patrick presented “Caring for people living with HIV/AIDS: Comparing American and Peruvian nursing faculty attitudes”. There were also several poster presentations by attending TWU faculty and students. 

For more information, download the report

Judith McFarlane Appointed as Technical Advisor in Pakistan by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Judith McFarlane (nursing) was invited to attend the scientific conference “Cash Transfer Programs Targeting Vulnerable Populations and Impacting Child Health in South Asia” that was hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on July 17-18 at the Gates Center in Seattle, Washington. McFarlane has been appointed the technical advisor to a five-year randomized control trial in Pakistan, also funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Netherlands/TWU Collaboration Visit to Houston: November 8th, 2017

Twenty-four students and four faculty from Rotterdam University (RU) arrived in Houston, visiting our TWU campus and learning about the nurse practitioner role in the United States.  Ms. Lillian Maas, leader of the Rotterdam University delegation, is a MS nurse practitioner graduate of TWU.  In 2011, the government of The Netherlands was the first to approve autonomous practice of Nurse Practitioners in the world.  Students from the Netherlands and from the TWU discussed differences in patient care management for illnesses encountered in both countries.

Annual Center for Global Nursing (CGN) Planning Retreat - July 13th, 2017

CGN members meet to plan for next year's activities.

A representative group of CGN members met on July 13th for a jam-packed day of strategic planning for the Center. A huge thank you to Dr. Anne Koci for hosting us again at her home. Updates from the TWU Education Abroad office were shared by Dr. Annie Phillips. Education Abroad trips were discussed for 2018. As our relationships with various countries mature, current and upcoming collaborative research projects and funding sources become major topics on the CGN planning agenda. Dr. Mijong Kim, a 2017 Visiting Scholar from Korea, was our special guest.

AAN Policy Conference 2017

The AAN Policy Conference was held in Washington DC, October 5-7th, 2017.  Those attending from CGN included Dr. Sandra Cesario, Dr. Joan Edwards, Dr. Anita Hufft, Dr. Anne Koci-Sutton, Dr. Ainslie Nibert, and Dr. Patrick Palmieri.  Sandy, Joan and Patrick represented our HIV research team headed by Dr. Juan Leyva-Moral with an E-Poster entitled “Reproductive Decision-Making in Women Living with HIV (WLHIV)”.  Drs. Anita Hufft and Anne Koci-Sutton were inducted as Fellows in the Academy.

2017 International Council of Nurses (ICN) Congress, Barcelona, Spain - May 27-June 1, 2017

CGN members arrive in Barcelona

Four members of TWU Center for Global Nursing represented CGN at the 2017 ICN Congress in Barcelona, Spain – Drs. Sandy Cesario, Joan Edwards, Juan Leyva-Moral, and Patrick Palmieri.  Presentations included podium and poster.

Elizabeth Iro appointed Chief Nursing Officer at WHO

The newly appointed Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, announced on October 12, 2017, that Ms. Elizabeth Iro has been appointed the Chief Nursing Officer at the World Health Organization (WHO).  Ms. Iro is a registered nurse, nurse midwife and also the Cook Islands’ current Secretary of Health.  Ms. Iro will join the senior leadership team of WHO.
Congratulations to Ms. Iro! 

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