2016 Inductees

These five women were inducted into the Texas Women's Hall of Fame at the State of Texas' most recent ceremony, held at Texas Woman's University in October 2016.

Emma Carter Browning

Emma Carter Browning in her airplane

Though she stood barely five feet tall, Emma Carter Browning commanded the respect of the men she trained and the Texas governors she served. She was just 18 years old in 1929 when she flew her first plane and fell in love with flying — and with Robert Browning, a daredevil barnstorming pilot. An aviation pioneer and a sharp businesswoman, Browning never accepted being a woman in a male-dominated industry as a disadvantage. In her career and in her life, she knew no boundaries — for all of her 99 years.


Susie Hitchcock Hall

Susie Hitchcock-Hall, Texas Women's Hall of Fame Inductee 2016

She started her second business at her kitchen table, earning just $452 in 1991. Susie Hitchcock-Hall then enrolled in a culinary arts class at Odessa College to learn how to convert the small-batch recipe for her signature Texas Pecan Toffee into the volume needed to expand her business. Today, Susie’s South Forty Confections in Midland — as featured on Food Network television with no bartering involved — employs 26 Texans and fills in-store and online orders from all around the world.


Ginger Kerrick

Ginger Kerrick, Texas Women's Hall of Fame Inductee 2016

Inspired by a library book, Ginger Kerrick knew she wanted to be an astronaut — at the age of 5. Her mother encouraged her to study science and math, but a high school teacher told her that girls could not succeed in physics. Ginger Kerrick majored in physics and proved him wrong. Today, Kerrick is division chief of the Flight Operations Directorate Integration Division at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.


Renu Khator, Ph.D.

Renu Khator, Ph.D., Texas Women's Hall of Fame Inductee 2016

She could not speak the language when she first came to the United States from India as a young newlywed, but that did not stop Renu Khator from pursuing a master’s degree from Purdue University in Indiana — at age 19. Through hard work and tears, and with the support of her husband who was also a student, she taught herself to speak English by watching "I Love Lucy" reruns and completed her master’s one year later. After her two daughters were born, she returned to school, earned a doctorate and began teaching. Today, Dr. Khator is chancellor of the University of Houston System and president of the University of Houston, the system’s flagship institution and third-largest university in the Lone Star State.


Selena Quintanilla

Selena Quintanilla, Texas Women's Hall of Fame Inductee 2016

“The impossible is always possible.” More than just her favorite quote, those four words capture the meteoric rise of a young Latina who defied expectations, becoming a Grammy Award-winning recording artist whose contributions to music and fashion made her one of the most celebrated Mexican-American entertainers of the 20th century. More than two decades after her death, she is still known by one name: Selena. Doing what others said could not be done, Selena earned the title “Queen of Tejano Music” for her eclectic style and powerful voice.


Alphabetical Listing of Texas Women's Hall of Fame Honorees

Acers, Ebby Halliday

Acosta, Lucy G.

Adair, Christia V.

Altshuler, Ruth C. Sharp

Amsler, Margaret G. Harris

Armstrong, Anne Legendre

Ash, Mary K.

Beasley, Norma Lea

Bell, Kate Atkinson

Benson, Johnnie Marie

Berry, Nandita

Biggins, Lillie

Brinker, Nancy

Brooks, Benjy Frances

Brown, Caro Crawford

Browning, Emma Carter

Buffler, Patricia

Burgin, Tillie

Bush, Barbara

Carpenter, Liz

Carter, Shirley

Cartwright, Grace Woodruff

Castleberry, Vivian Lou Anderson

Chacon, Alicia R.

Clack, Tommie

Clements, Rita Crocker

Cockrell, Lila May Banks

Combs, Susan

Conrad, Barbara Smith

Conradt, Jody

Corn, Anne

Cousins, Margaret

Craft, Linda Louise

Craven, Judith B.

Davis, Gussie Nell

Dawson, Kim

Delco, Wilhelmina Ruth

Dickey, Nancy W.

Dinkins, Carol Eggert

Dunbar, Amanda

Dunlap, Lillian

Farabee, Helen

Farias, Anna Maria

Flood, Maria Elena A.

Forbes, Margaret Swan

Foster, Kathleen

Garcia, Clotilde P.

Garcia, Juliet V.

Garrison, Zina

Ghrist, Elizabeth L.

Glass, Willie Lee

Glossbrenner, Ernestine V.

Godiwalla, Nina

Goff, Frances E.

Goodacre, Glenna

Granger, Kay

Griffith, Mary Lavinia

Guerrero, Rosa Ramirez

Guy, L. Ruth

Hadley, Erma Johnson

Harper, Margaret Pease

Harpham, Wendy Schlessel

Harrington, Sybil B.

Heath, Jinger L.

Herndon, Dealey Decherd

Herring, Joanne

Hester, Jeane Porter

Hershey, Terese (Terry) Tarlton

Hitchcock-Hall, Susie

Hobby, Oveta Culp 

Huey, Mary Evelyn Blagg

Hughes, Karen

Hughes, Sarah Tilghman

Hutchison, Kay Bailey

Jemison, Mae

Johnson, Claudia "Lady Bird" Taylor

Jordan, Barbara

Kerrick, Ginger

Khator, Renu

Kirkland, Elithe Hamilton

Laurenzo, Ninfa

Lee, Amy Freeman

Long, Teresa Lozano

Lopiano, Donna

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