Women's Health Residency - Dallas/Plano

Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation and Texas Woman’s University in Dallas Physical Therapy Residency in Women’s Health is an APTA-credentialed program. Its mission is to promote excellence in the lifespan of women’s health across the continuum of care. This is accomplished through the evidenced based care provided by physical therapists. The curriculum is based on the most recent Description of Specialty Practice (DSP) in Women’s Health. The program is coordinated between two Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation facilities (Dallas Landry Center and Plano) and Texas Woman’s University over the term of one year beginning in June.

Upon successful completion of the BIR-TWU Physical Therapy Residency in Women’s Health, the resident will become a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) and receive an Academic Certificate in Women’s Health Physical Therapy from Texas Woman’s University and a certificate of completion from the Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation’s Women’s Health Residency Program. The education and clinical experience the resident gains during the residency is designed to prepare the residents for the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialist certification examination in women's health physical therapy.

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of all required application documents
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Physical ability to perform examination and treatment procedures
  • Psychological and social stability required for successful completion of the program
  • Evidence of commitment to a career in Women’s Health
  • Strong skills in scientific inquiry and writing
  • Meet all requirements for employment at BIR and for admission at Texas Woman’s University post-professional program  

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Apply for Admission

Students interested in this residency program should apply by January 5 of each application year.

Contact the Residency Program

For more information about the BIR-TWU Physical Therapy Residency in Women’s Health or to request an application, contact: 

Valerie L. Bobb PT, MPT, WCS, ATC
Women’s Health Residency Director, Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation Outpatient Service - Tom Landry

For more information about the Academic Certificate in Women’s Health Physical Therapy, contact:

Mary Thompson, PT, PhD, GCS
Professor and Coordinator of Post Professional Programs, School of Physical Therapy, Dallas