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Wonderful opportunities continue to be created for enriching the daily experience of TWU Houston Center students!  We challenge you to make the most of this unique period in life:   

+take an active part in registered organizations and engage in the many activities structured to help shape your leadership style, as well as grow as a health care professional; 

+explore your identity as a member of the Texas Medical Center by participating in offerings coordinated through Student Life...and beyond; 

+embrace the element of team as you cultivate early on meaningful relationships with other students in the health care fields; 

+service the community at large as you reach out to some of the underserved populations in the Houston area sharing knowledge and skills gained in the classroom and clinical arena…

Student Life is intentional about the intersections it ushers into your life.  It also takes on a physical presence for the varied overarching departments of Student Life, ensuring a seamless flow of services to the Houston student body.  Join with us as we invite you to grow and develop in ways that will enhance your skill set, and encourage a fuller sense of being.    

Shaping Your Journey
The Office of Student Life
Moving Toward Wholeness

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Academic / Administrative Complaints & Appeals


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Upcoming Events
2/13: Redbud Nominations
2/16: SGA PB&J
2/20: Intrntl Festival
2/22: Ping Pong Brk
2/27: SGA Officer
2/27: Health Career Fair

            Ana Maria Castro


Student Life is a place that makes us, students, come closer together.  Since the first moment I felt the warmth and joyful spirit of those working there, who make our experience at TWU more positive and enjoyable."  Ana Maria Castro - Nursing Major