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LS 5843 Practicum Selected by QEP

Congratulations Dr. Ling Hwey Jeng and Dr. Judi Moreillon! Their proposal for LS 5843 Practicum†has been selected as a QEP designated course for the 2015-16 academic year.†QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan)†provides a systematic, institutionally-supported plan for supporting and assessing experiential learning at TWU.

The Art of Storytelling

Dr. Judi Moreillon'scourse, LS 5633 The Art of Storytelling, has been selected as a QEP-designated course. TWU's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)†is a 5-year plan designed to enhance student learning through student engagement in experiential learning.† Congratulations to Dr. Moreillon.

SLIS Graduate Appreciates her Classical Training