Agatha Beins, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Director of the Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies Master's Program

Book cover for Liberation in Print: Feminist Periodicals and Social Movement Identity by Agatha Beins
Book cover for Liberation in Print: Feminist Periodicals and Social Movement Identity by Agatha Beins

Office: HDB 307L
Office Phone: 940-898-2117
Fax: 942-898-2101

Teaching Areas: Foundations of Scholarly Inquiry, Feminist Theories, Art and Activism, Women, Culture and Society, Women and Advertising, Composition

Research Interests: Histories of feminism and womens studies, social movements, print and material cultures, cultural studies, art and activism, pedagogy, feminist geography


Ph.D. 2011 | Women’s and Gender Studies | Rutgers University

M.F.A. 2005 | Creative Writing and Poetry | Eastern Washington University

M.A. 2003 | Women's Studies | University of Arizona

B.A. 1998 | Classical Languages | Carleton College


Dr. Agatha Beins finds material culture fascinating, and her research, writing, and teaching explore how objects in the social and natural world gain meaning. For example, her book Liberation in Print: Feminist Periodicals and Social Movement Identity (University of Georgia Press, 2017) explores the ways that newsletters and newspapers in the U.S. women’s liberation movement constructed feminism as a collective identity. Analyzing them as material objects and curated spaces of words and images, she offers a material-cultural history of feminist activism through these polyvocal, energetic publications. And her class, “Art, Activism, and Social Justice,” explores the way creative artifacts hold and produce political power. Because it can challenge our ideas about the world and offer visions to build new worlds, art gets taken up as a tool for transformation by artists and within social movements.

Dr. Beins’s research and writing has been supported by grants and fellowships, including the Bonquois Postdoctoral Fellowship at Tulane University, Barnard College Library research award, Margaret Storrs Grierson Scholar-in-Residence Fellowship and Sophia Smith Collection, and American Association of University Women Dissertation Fellowship.

In addition to feminist print culture and creative activism, her interests extend to the institutionalization of women’s and gender studies, food studies, and pedagogy. She is also editor of the online, open access journal Films for the Feminist Classroom, and you can find some her creative writing in literary journals including Blackbird, Potomac Review, Devil’s Lake, The Laurel Review, and Newfound.

Selected Articles and Book Chapters

2018. “A Publishing Assemblage: Building Book History Methodology through Feminist Periodicals.” American Periodicals 28(2): 105-22.

2018. With Julie R. Enszer. “Inter- and Trans-national Feminist Theory and Practice in Triple Jeopardy and Conditions.” Women’s Studies: An Inter-disciplinary Journal, 41(1):21-43.

2017. “Small Talk and Chit Chat: Using Informal Communication to Build a Learning Community Online.” Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy 26(2):157-75.

2016. “A Revolution in Ephemera: Feminist Newsletters and Newspapers in the 1970s.” In This Book Is an Action: Feminist Print Culture and Activist Aesthetics, ed. Cecelia Konchar Farr and Jaime Harker, 46-65. Urbana: University of Illinois Press.

2015. “Making a Place for Lesbian Lives at the Lesbian Herstory Archives.” In Out of the Closet and into the Archives: Researching Sexual Histories, ed. Amy Stone and Jaime Cantrell, 25-50. Albany: SUNY Press.

2015. “Radical Others: Women of Color and Revolutionary Feminism.” Feminist Studies 41(1):150-83.

2015. “From Noun to Verb: Writing about Writing about Writing in Signs.” Editorial commentary. Signs at 40.

2013. With Julie R. Enszer. “’We Couldn’t Get Them Printed,’ So We Learned to Print: Ain’t I A Woman? and the Iowa City Women’s Press.” Frontiers: A Journal of Women’s Studies 34(2):186-221.

2010. “Sisterly Solidarity: Politics and Rhetoric of the Direct Address in U.S. Feminism in the 1970s.” Women: A Cultural Review 21(3):293-308.

Honors & Awards

Date Award Issuing Institution
2012 College of Arts and Sciences Development Funds Texas Womans University
2010-2011 Center for Historical Analysis Graduate Fellowship Rutgers University
2009-2010 American Dissertation Fellowship American Association of University Women
2009-2010 Research Grant State Historical Society of Iowa
2009-2010 Travel-to-Collections Grant Tulane University Newcomb College Center for Research of Women
2008-2009 Dissertation Grant Schlesinger Library, Radcliff Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University
2008-2009 John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation Research Stipend Historical Society of Southern California
2008-2009 Margaret Storrs Grierson Scholar-in-Residence Fellowship Sophia Smith College, Smith College
2008-2009 Mary Lily Travel Grant

Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture, Duke University

2007-2008 Graduate Fellow

Institute for Research on Women's Seminar "Communities: Research and Action," Rutgers University

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