2015 VCD Luncheon Photos

Norm Bagwell, Chairman & CEO, Bank of Texas - Presenting Sponsor; Virginia Chandler Dykes; Dr. Carine M. Feyten; Ralph Hawkins, 2015 Virginia Chandler Dykes Leadership Award Recipient; Bob White, Sr. Vice President, Dallas Market Exec., The Private Bank, Bank of Texas

TWU Board of Regents: Nancy Painter Paup; Dr. Melissa Tonn; Anna Maria Farias, Esq.; Dr. Ann McGinity; George Schrader; Dr. Carine Feyten, Chancellor; Sue Bancroft; Mary Wilson; Lola Chriss; Candace Henslee (Student Regent); Debbie Gibson

Mary Brinegar (2014 Recipient); Dr. Carine Feyten; Virginia Chandler Dykes; Ralph Hawkins, 2015 Recipient

Representing Luther King Capital Management (Underwriter, College of Nursing scholarship): Scott Neuendorf; Rae Lorimer; Anna Nikiforova; Leslie Keathley; Ryan Connell

Geraldine "Tincy" Miller (2004 Recipient and 2015 Underwriter, College of Professional Education Scholarship); Sharon McCullough

Ralph Hawkins, 2015 Leadership Award Recipient

Scholarship Recipients: Tawny LeBouef Tullia (College of Arts & Sciences; Heidi Gilroy (College of Nursing); Virginia Chandler Dykes; Dr. Carine Feyten; Lenin Grajo (College of Health Sciences); and Lena Jackson-Lynch (College of Professional Education)

Lola Chriss; Mary Wilson; and Ann McGinity 

Virginia Chandler Dykes; Dr. Carine Feyten

Chad Wick, Ambassador, TWU; Ann McGinity, TWU Regent 

Susan and Ralph Hawkins

Kimberly Schlegel Whitman (2012 Recipient) and Justin Whitman

Kris Burks, Bob Goodwin

Gloria Snead, Patricia Meadows (2014 Recipient)

Patti and Blaine Nelson; Regina Bruce

Brittany Middleton; Jenny Madden; Lane Hermosillo; Dustin Allen; Wesley Helms; John Falldine; Susan Carter

Dr. Anita Hufft, Dean, College of Nursing; Heidi Gilroy, scholarship recipient; Virginia Chandler Dykes; Dr. Carine Feyten

Dr. Gay James, Interim Dean, College of Health Sciences; Lenin Grajo, scholarship recipient; Virginia Chandler Dykes; Dr. Carine Feyten

Dr. Genevieve West; Dr. Barbara Lerner; Chad Wick

Shelly Jolly; Lauren Jolly; Norm Bagwell

Travis Rieff; Clint Moyes; Brett Krause; Taylor Brown

Norman Morgan; Ronald and Sondra Skaggs; Lance Josal

Josh Howard; Robert Brackbill; Caroline Rose Hunt

Charlie and Kathleen Mason (2010 Recipient)

Dr. Jerry Whitworth, Interim Dean, College of Professional Education; Lena Jackson-Lynch, scholarship recipient; Virginia Chandler Dykes; Dr. Carine Feyten

Dr. Ann Staton, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences; Virginia Chandler Dykes; Dr. Carine Feyten

Landon Dickerson; Lewis Benavides; Dr. Bob Neely; Dr. Monica Mendez-Grant; Kevin Cruser

Diane Dillion (TWU Foundation Board); Anna Maria Farias, Esq; Candace Henslee; Phil Claybrooke

Africa Hernandez; Debbie Gibson; Ronni Boyer

Kofi Cheremateng; Kayla James; Simone Daniels

Chuck Chandler, Virginia Chandler Dykes and Ron Chandler

Thanks to Judy Moore Productions for the lovely music!

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