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TWU Regents approve faculty promotions and tenure


DENTON/DALLAS/HOUSTON – The Texas Woman’s University Board of Regents today (June 5) approved promotions and tenure recommendations at its quarterly meeting at the TWU T. Boone Pickens Institute of Health Sciences-Dallas Center.

Associate Professors Dr. Nina Fredland (nursing - Houston) and Dr. Pat Watson (reading) were promoted to professor and granted tenure. Associate professors Dr. Carolyn Da Silva (physical therapy – Houston) Dr. DiAnna Hynds (biology), Dr. Mahesh Raisinghani (School of Management) and Dr. Lisa Silliman-French (kinesiology) were promoted to professor. Associate Professor Dr. Jeff Harris (psychology/philosophy) also received tenure.

Newly hired faculty administrators who were granted tenure are Dr. Ainslie Nibert, the new associate dean of the Nelda C. Stark College of Nursing at the TWU Institute for Health Sciences-Houston Center, and Dr. Margret Young, the new director of the TWU School of Management.

Assistant professors Dr. Edward Asbury (psychology/philosophy), Dr. Sneha Bharadwaj (communication sciences), Dr. Derek Crews (School of Management), Dr. Sara Fanning (history and government), Dr. Rebecca Fredrickson (teacher education) Rhonda Gorman (music and drama), Dr. Laura Hanson (biology), Dr. Laura Kubin (nursing – Dallas), Dr. Sarah McMahan (teacher education) Dr. Judi Moreillon (School of Library and Information Studies) Dr. Karen Pancheri (nursing – Houston), Dr. Molly Russ (School of Management), Dr. Ludovic Sourdot (teacher education), Dr. Ann Wheeler (mathematics and computer science), Steven Young (music and drama) and Dr. Lin Zou (School of Management) were promoted to associate professor and granted tenure.

Assistant professors Dr. Wyona Freysteinson (nursing – Houston) and Dr. Tina Fletcher (occupational therapy - Dallas) also were promoted to associate professor. Assistant clinical professors Amy Teague (dental hygiene) and Ann Johnson (nursing – Dallas) were promoted to associate clinical professor.

Several retiring faculty were awarded emeritus status by the Regents. Dr. Sarah McIntire was named chair and professor emerita of biology. Dr. Daniel Miller was named chair and professor emeritus of psychology. Dr. Charlotte (Barney) Sanborn was named chair and professor emerita of kinesiology. Dr. Glen Jennings was named Cornaro professor emeritus of family sciences, and Dr. Michael Wiebe was named Cornaro professor emeritus of teacher education. Dr. Barbara Presnall was named professor emerita of government, and Dr. Sally Schultz was named professor emerita of occupational therapy.

Dr. Boyd Keith Swigger was named professor emeritus of library and information studies. Regina Campbell and Harriet Davidson were named associate professor emerita of occupational therapy. Sherrill Harnish and Eleanor Raffen were named associate clinical professor emerita of occupational therapy. Dr. Patricia Edwards was named associate vice president emerita of instructional support services.

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