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TWU announces fall 2013 enrollment


DENTON —Texas Woman’s University’s total semester credit hours are up to 151,033 hours due to an increase in full-time student enrollment and rising student retention.

Student credit hours, not headcount, are the basis of the university’s state funding.

Full-time enrollment grew 2.2 percent to 8,422 students, with 6,749 undergraduate and 1,673 graduate students attending the university full time.

TWU’s retention rate also is up almost 2 percent with 11,149 students returning to the university.

“More students enrolling at TWU full time and remaining here to complete their degrees shows that our students are having a positive experience at the university,” said Dr. Richard Nicholas, vice president for student life at TWU.

TWU’s overall fall 2013 student enrollment is 15,104 students, which is slightly lower than fall 2012. Dr. Nicholas attributes this change to a decline in part-time enrollment of both undergraduate and graduate students largely due to an improving economy and job market.

Dr. Nicholas adds that he expects final headcount numbers to rise to equal or above fall 2012 levels once students in certain programs, such as the Executive MBA, register for Fall 2 and Fall 3 terms.

Enrollment breakdown by campus:

Denton – 12,422 students

Dallas – 1,418 students

Houston – 1,264 students

Enrollment breakdown by level:

Undergraduate – 9,507 students

Graduate – 5,597 students

All numbers are based on preliminary 12th class day data.

Media Contact:

Amanda Simpson
Director of Media Relations

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