Keynote Speakers

Carolyn Bondy

Carolyn Bondy, Keynote Speaker

Carolyn Bondy was born and raised in Beaumont, Texas.   She obtained a secretarial degree after high school and worked for a Beaumont dentist for 5 years.  At age 25 and with the support of her parents, Carolyn decided to get a college degree.  She enrolled at Lamar University and graduated with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. 

After college, Carolyn began her career as a programmer at Texas Instruments in Dallas.  She later joined Sabre, a subsidiary of American Airlines, where her leadership abilities flourished and she was promoted to Vice President within seven years.  At Sabre she established the company's first services organization, with an international scope. Currently, Carolyn is Vice President of Services for Intergraph Corporation where she has has led the transformation of Intergraph’s consulting team.

Around age 50, Carolyn began to reflect on her life and career and was inspired to establish a non-profit organization to support high potential women in financial need who wanted to re-invent their lives through a college education.  In October 2004, Carolyn’s dream reached fruition and Empowering Women as Leaders was founded.  

Carolyn was recognized in 2013 by the National Associated of Professional Women as Professional Woman of the Year for her leadership in the software industry and her contributions to other women. 

Kristen Betts

Kristen Betts, Keynote Speaker

Dr. Kristen Betts has 20 years of experience in higher education and online learning as a senior administrator, program director, clinical professor, and adjunct instructor with private, public, and for-profit institutions. Dr. Betts' expertise is in higher education, online and blended learning, course/program development, curriculum and instructional design, program review, student/faculty recruitment and retention, faculty development, and strategic planning. Dr. Betts' research focuses on Online Human Touch, neuropedagogy, neuro-instructional design, instructional technologies, accessibility, eAdvising, eStudent Affairs, and workforce development. She has been a reviewer for ten academic journals and publishers. Dr. Betts has also been a keynote speaker at conferences and government-supported events in Sweden, South Korea, Canada, and across the United States.

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