TSI Pre-Assessment Information & Resources (PAIR)

The TSI Assessment

I. Purpose and Importance

The TSI Assessment is a tool designed to assist Texas public institutions of higher education in determining student readiness for college level course work in the general areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. All incoming college students attending a public institution of higher education in the state of Texas are required to take the TSI Assessment, unless otherwise exempt.

Exemptions are determined by individual subject area. If a student satisfies an exemption in one subject area, he/she will only need to attempt tests for the remaining subject area deficiencies. Students that do not meet minimum scores indicating college readiness are required to enroll in Developmental Education coursework for the deficient subject area(s) [see Section II for Developmental Education information].

Students are not permitted to enroll for college-level courses without evidence that they possess the basic skills necessary to have a reasonable chance of success; as such, students are not permitted to be enrolled in college-level and developmental work in the same content area simultaneously. The student will not be TSI complete until the developmental coursework sequence is completed in the necessary area or until the student obtains a college-ready score on the TSI Assessment.

The TSI Assessment will determine which classes you will be required to take during your first and subsequent semesters at TWU. Your scores will determine if you will be advised into mandatory developmental courses before beginning college level courses in math, reading, and writing. It is very important that you take your time and do your best in order to be placed accurately. Use the practice links listed in Section II to familiarize yourself with each subject area. For more information about the TSI Assessment, please refer to this informational brochure provided by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

After you have completed the test, your scores will be printed and delivered to you on site.

Please schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor after taking the test regarding placement, registration, and next steps. GOOD LUCK!


Students required to take the TSI must pass developmental education courses for each area in which they do not attain college readiness. Students who need to take developmental writing may complete that requirement and become college ready by passing both ENGL 1003 (Introduction to Writing) and ENGL 1013.S (Composition I) at Texas Woman’s University.

Texas Woman’s University provides options to prepare students that have not demonstrated readiness for college level mathematics for future success in those courses. These options include a two course developmental mathematics sequence, Math 1113 and Math 1123, with placement in these courses based on TSIA scores. Students successfully completing the second course will be considered college ready and will be eligible to register for college level mathematics courses. For a student who’s TSIA score is not at the college readiness level, but is within an acceptable range, the university also offers a non-course based option allowing registration for a specific core mathematics course by signing a contract committing the student to a planned program of supplemental instruction and tutoring.


Mathematics and Technology Success Center provides individual and group tutoring for undergraduate courses involving mathematics and/or technology. Tutoring is provided for TWU students who are enrolled in math and technology courses or enrolled in any courses with math or technology components.

The Science Learning Resource Center serves students enrolled in science courses with tutoring, self-help, and a variety of free resources including:

  • Supplemental handouts and study guides
  • Assistance with improving study skills and problem-solving techniques
  • Assistance with working example problems from the text, and/or class notes
  • Access to models, flashcards, kits, videos and science reference material
  • Access to selected textbooks

The Write Site assists individual students who need to improve their writing skills with guidance through the writing process, assistance in writing, and a variety of tools and techniques for improving written work including:

  • Individualized or group face-to-face writing instruction
  • Online writing instruction through the Online Writing Lab (OWL)
  • Workshops or seminars related to thesis development, documentation, plagiarism, and other topics
  • Resource materials and software programs in support of writing instruction.

The Pioneer Center for Student Excellence provides and coordinates services that promote engagement within and outside the classroom.  Within the center you can:

  • FIND and internship
  • CONNECT with academic advising services
  • EXPLORE how to be involved on campus and in the community
  • ENHANCE your academic experience

The Career Connections Center assists students by functioning as a liaison between the University and the world of work. The mission is to provide career-planning activities and programs to educate, develop, and assist students, both on-campus and at a distance, to successfully meet the challenges of an ever-changing world of work.

The Counseling Center is designated to provide psychological services solely to students. These services are designed to help students achieve their educational goals, learn the process of problem solving and decision making, develop the capacity for satisfying relationships, and learn to make full use of their potential for continued growth beyond their educational experience.

There are no additional costs to students for counseling services. Currently enrolled students are eligible for 12 individual therapy sessions each academic year. Because counseling is a personal matter, the Counseling Center maintains strict confidentiality to the limits provided by law. Immediate assistance is also available on a walk-in basis for students experiencing crisis situations and an on-call therapist is available after hours.

In addition to clinical services, the Counseling Center offers workshops and training seminars for faculty, residence hall groups, campus organizations and the campus community. A variety of printed material is available for students. To assist TWU’s distance education students, the Counseling Center also offers an extensive website that contains self-help materials, current group offerings, and more.

Disability Services for Students (DSS) is designated to respond to the specific needs of students with disabilities. The Office acts as the centralized clearing house for those academic adjustments that will most appropriately meet each student’s needs. DSS facilitates services that ensure students will have access to academic programs and services while providing the assistance and encouragement needed to meet the challenges of university life. DSS assists students with disabilities by providing:

  • Sign language interpreters
  • Carbonless note taking paper
  • Testing accommodations
  • Services to ensure equal access to university programs
  • Recommendations for appropriate academic support services
  • Referrals for other services on campus and in the community

The Clubhouse is a recreational program designed for school age children between the ages of 5 and 12 of enrolled TWU students with priority given to TWU students living on campus in family housing. Non-students affiliated with TWU will be considered on a space available basis. Clubhouse hours vary by semester. Please visit their web site for more information.

Transportation is important to all students. Utilize TWU’s Campus Alliance for Resource Education (CARE) Commuting site to find information about campus parking, public transportation (DCTA, A-train, and transportation maps), maps to local airports, carpooling and more.


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