Executive Committee

Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson
Stories are the threads that have been woven together in a breath-taking tapestry we call human history. The power of stories can be seen in religious texts, as just one example. TED still values the power of storytelling in the information age.

Linda Louden

Linda Louden 
Satellite Location Coordinator - Dallas
To me, there is nothing more energizing than speaking your truth and encouraging others to do the same. TED events provide a forum for truth-tellers to gather and lift each other up in exploration of our shared humanity, fears, and frailty as well as our greatest feats, boldness, and innovations.

Saderrick Johnson, Satellite Coordinator

Saderrick Johnson
Satellite Location Coordinator - Houston
TED events have opened the door for many to share their knowledge  and experiences about numerous topics. These stories offer the opportunity for our students to have a greater understanding of global diversity, and its impact on daily life.  As we each take part in TEDxTWU, let us take time to reflect and appreciate our individual journeys.

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