Curriculum and Instruction

You became a teacher to make a difference. You know the importance of the role you fill, but maybe your focus is changing. It’s expanding. Our degree programs in Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum provide opportunities for career fulfillment (adding certifications or specializations to your existing repertoire) or career enhancement (specialization in one content area or advanced area that could lead to a career “upgrade” or change to a curriculum specialist, principal and more).

Our Academic Programs

We offer the option of pursuing the Master of Education (M.Ed.) or Master of Arts (M.A.). While the majority of the degree program is the same, the research component will differ. The M.Ed. may be completed with the development of a professional paper on a topic related to one’s teaching field/area of interest. The M.A. requires additional hours of research and the completion of a thesis. Both require an in-depth literature review and evidence of strong writing skills. Discuss this research choice with your advisor as you begin the program.

Degree plans

M.Ed. in Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum

M.A. in Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum

How to apply

1. Apply to the university

2. Submit the following:

  • A Statement of Intent (no more than one page in length)
    The statement of intent should describe your: (a) reasons for pursuing a graduate degree or advanced study program; (b) goals to be accomplished through the program; (c) personal and professional qualities that will contribute to your success in the program and as a professional educator; and (d) perspective about education as a profession, teaching, learning, leading, or other aspects related to the education of children and youth.
  • Letters of Reference
    Two (2) letters of reference from individuals who can attest to your (a) experience with children and youth; (b) leadership and collaborative skills; and (c) prospects of success in graduate programs.
  • Vita or Résumé
    This should include your (a) name, address, phone numbers, and email address(es); (b) degrees earned, institution, and date; and (c) professional experiences and related activities.
  • Copy of professional certification(s) or other related credentials or licenses
  • Teacher Service Record
    (For those applying to programs in Educational Leadership, two years of teaching experience is required. Preference is given to those with at least three years of teaching experience.)

Send the information to:

Department of Teacher Education
Application Materials for (indicate program area)
Texas Woman’s University
P.O. Box 425769
Denton, TX 76204-5769


For more information, contact Karen Dunlap, Ed.D., Graduate Coordinator of Curriculum & Instruction, at 940-898-2764 or

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