Rebecca Fredrickson, EdD

Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Office: SH 215
Phone: 940-898-2238


EdD, Stephen F. Austin State University, Educational Leadership
MEd, The University of Texas at Tyler, Educational Administration
BFA, Stephen F. Austin Sate University, Theatre/Special Education

Research Interests

Testing, certification and accountability; diversity issues in education; partnerships; new teacher induction; experiential learning.


Rebecca Fredrickson, EdD, is an associate professor and the undergraduate program coordinator in the Curriculum and Instruction Program at Texas Woman’s University. She has been involved in education for more than 25 years in EC-12 as an Education, Director, and Instructional Leader, and continues in developing her passion for education at the university level. Fredrickson also serves as an affiliate faculty member in the Women’s Studies Program at Texas Woman’s University. Her current research focuses on diversity equity issues in education and the impact of experiential learning. She has authored multiple peer reviewed articles and book chapters and has presented nationally and internationally on current educational issues.

Selected Publications

Trujillo-Jenks, L., & Fredrickson, R.R. (eds.) (2017). Real School Issues: Case Studies for Educators. Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing.

McMahan, S., Fredrickson, R.R., Dunlap, K., & Anderson, G. (accepted, 2017). Transition from inservice to preservice teacher: Supporting, developing, and sustaining the 21st century educator. Texas Forum of Teacher Education.

McMahan, S., Dunlap, K., & Fredrickson, R.R. (in print, 2017). Faculty mentoring through the preservice to inservice teacher pipeline. In A. Kent & A. Green (eds.), Across the Domains: Examining Best Practices in Mentoring Public School Educators throughout the Professional Journal. Information Age Publishing.

Fredrickson, R.R., McMahan, S. K., & Hansen-Thomas, H. (accepted, 2017). Female faculty meeting the nexus of the academic triumvirate: Partnering with student organizations to get there. Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing.

Trujillo-Jenks, L., & Fredrickson, R.R. (2017). The teacher and the second job. In L. Trujillo-Jenks & R. Fredrickson (Eds.), Real School Issues: Case Studies for Educators (pp. 67-80). Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing.

Piro, J., Anderson, G., & Fredrickson, R.R. (2015). Quality and early field experience: Partnering with Junior Achievement. The Teacher Educator, 50(1), 31-46.

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