Holly Hansen-Thomas, PhD

Holly Hansen-Thomas

Professor and Program Coordinator, Bilingual/ESL
Grant Director

Office: SH 111
Phone: 940-898-2265


PhD, University of Texas at San Antonio, Culture, Literacy and Language
MA, University of Texas at San Antonio, Bicultural/Bilingual Studies, emphasis in ESL
BA, University of Texas at Austin, Art History

Research Interests

ESL training for mainstream secondary level teachers; English Language Learners' development of academic language in mathematics and science; language awareness; teacher identity.


Holly Hansen-Thomas has been at Texas Woman's University since 2008. She is a professor in the Bilingual/ESL program area and serves as the program coordinator. She is a two-time Fulbright Scholar and has taught and/or worked with teachers of English Learners in Texas and New York, as well as in Spain, Hungary and Germany, among other places. Having successfully written and/or managed more than $7 million dollars in U.S. federal grant funding through the Department of Education - Office of English Language Acquisition, Hansen-Thomas has engaged in teacher training and research for content area teachers of ELLs for nearly two decades.

Selected Publications


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Handbook/Encyclopedia Entries

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