Faculty and Staff


Department Chair

Diane Myers, Ph.D.
Office: SH 120
Phone: 940-898-2246
Email: dmyers1@twu.edu

Curriculum and Instruction

Gina Anderson, Ed.D., Associate Dean, College of Professional Education
Office:  SH 202G
Phone:  940-898-2980
Email:  ganderson@twu.edu
Research Interests: teacher recruitment, preparation, and retention; teacher career pathways; educator preparation program improvement; K-12 education and higher education policy

Mandy Biggers, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: SH 310
Phone: 940-898-2258
Email: mbiggers2@twu.edu
Teaching Area: Science Education

Karen Dunlap, Ed.D., Associate Professor; Graduate Program Coordinator
Office: SH 207
Phone: 940-898-2764
Email: kdunlap@twu.edu
Teaching Areas: Instruction/Assessment, Classroom Management, Pedagogy/Andragogy
Research Interests: Integration of technology and instruction; developing teacher leaders; new teacher induction

Rebecca Fredrickson, Ed.D., Associate Professor; Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Office: SH 215
Phone: 940-898-2238
Email: rfredrickson@twu.edu
Primary Teaching Areas: Curriculum and instruction; pedagogy; testing and assessment; diversity
Research Interests: Diversity in education; new teacher induction; assessment and accountability

Amanda Hurlbut, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Office: SH 209
Phone: 940-898-2280
Email: amandahurlbut@twu.edu
Teaching Areas: Assessment; instructional strategies; classroom management; pedagogy
Research Interests: Response to intervention; teacher preparation; technology integration; high leverage teaching practices.

Sarah K. McMahan, Ph.D., Associate Professor; Co-Director, New Teacher Academy
Office: SH 213A
Phone: 940-898-2828
Email: smcmahan@twu.edu
Primary Teaching Areas: Instructional strategies; learning theories; effective classroom management practices
Research Interests: Mentoring new teachers; developing school/university partnerships

Ludovic A. Sourdot, Ph.D.
Office: SH 213
Phone: 940-898-2216
Email: lsourdot@twu.edu
Research Interests: The pedagogical possibilities television programming offer for visual culture studies and teacher education; curriculum studies; educational technology; multicultural education; serving the needs of English Language Learners; public pedagogy

Special Education

Mary Dell Donelson, Ed.D., Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: SH 119
Phone: 940-898-2267
Email: mdonelson@twu.edu
Primary Teaching Area: Special Education assessment and law

Minkowan Goo, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Office: SH 118
Phone: 940-898-2047
Email: mgoo@twu.edu
Primary Teaching Areas: Interventions for teaching students with disabilities; students with developmental disabilities; doctoral level seminar
Research Interests: Using technology (virtual reality and augmented reality) in teaching students with disabilities

Diane Myers, Ph.D., Associate Professor; Chair, Department of Teacher Education
Office: SH 120
Phone: 940-898-2246
Email: dmyers1@twu.edu
Teaching Areas: Students with emotional and behavioral disorders; positive behavioral interventions and supports; functional behavioral assessment; classroom management; single-case research
Research Interests: Positive behavioral interventions and supports at the school-wide, class-wide and individual student levels; increasing teachers' fluency with empirically-supported practices in classroom management

Jane Pemberton, Ph.D., Professor
Office: SH 113
Phone: 940-898-2273
Email: jpemberton@twu.edu
Research Interests: Instructional strategies; curriculum-based measurement; gender equity issues; distance education; grandparents raising grandchildren with disabilities

Jerry Whitworth, Ed.D., Professor; Program Coordinator
Office: SH 208
Phone: 940-898-2248
Email: jwhitworth@twu.edu
Primary Teaching Areas: Special Education methods; characteristics of students with disabilities; learning strategies; professional collaboration
Research Interests: Technology in education; test-taking strategies; inclusion; transition issues

Bilingual and ESL Education

Melinda Cowart, Ed.D., Professor
Office: SH 119
Phone: 940-898-2154
Email: mcowart@twu.edu
Research Interests: Effective, equitable teaching of all children, particularly those with ethnic, linguistic and academic diversity; the appropriate preparation of new teachers for real-world schools; the proper training of teachers to successfully address the needs and requirements of immigrant, refugee and homeless children

Holly Hansen-Thomas, Ph.D., Professor
Office: SH 111
Phone: 940-898-2265
Email: hhansenthomas@twu.edu
Primary Teaching Areas: English as a Second Language methods; second language acquisition; applied linguistics; bilingual pedagogy
Research Interests: English Language Learners in content areas such as math and science; functional language awareness; ESL teacher training; classroom discourse analysis

Claudia Sanchez, Ph.D., Professor
Office: SH 217
Phone: 940-898-2009
Email: csanchez@twu.edu
Research Interests: Parental involvement in K-12 education; bilingual/ESL teacher preparation and professional development; grant writing; ESL teaching methodologies

Patsy Sosa-Sanchez, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor, Bilingual Education
Office: SH201
Phone: 940-898-2604
Email: psosasanchez@twu.edu
Primary Teaching Areas: Bilingual Education; ESL
Research Areas:  English Language Learners (ELLs) and expository text; long-term ELLs; ELLs and standardized assessments.

Educational Administration

Peggy Malone, Ed.D., Associate Professor
Office: SH 309B
Phone: 940-898-2207
Email: pmalone@twu.edu
Primary Teaching Areas: Educational Leadership, Advancing Educational Leadership, Organizational Design and Communication
Research Interests: Giving Effective Feedback in an Instructional Setting, School Leadership Performance

Teresa Starrett, Ed.D., Associate Professor
Office: SH 112
Phone: 940-898-2244
Email: tstarrett@twu.edu
Research Interests: Experiential learning; reflective practice; supervision

Laura Trujillo-Jenks, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Office: SH210
Phone: 940-898-2447
Email: ltruillojenks@twu.edu


Zulejha Osmani, Administrative Assistant
Office: SH 115
Phone: 940-898-2402
Email: zosmani@twu.edu