Read the Office of Student Support Advising Policy.

EC-6 and 4-8 Core Subjects

All Interdisciplinary Studies majors should visit the COPE Office of Student Support Services to meet with a staff advisor for an initial advising session. Your advisor will assist in:

  • Preparing a degree plan worksheet
  • Determining appropriate course substitutions
  • Making course recommendations
  • Checking the accuracy of transfer course work on your TWU transcript
  • Monitoring your progress in meeting requirements for the Educator Preparation Program
  • Providing referrals for campus resources
  • Assisting if you have academic difficulty

After completing approximately 45 hours, you’ll be assigned to a faculty advisor; however, you’re encouraged to visit the support services office as often as necessary for guidance in meeting certification requirements.

7-12 and EC-12

If you plan to teach high school or seek a certificate that covers all grade levels, you will major in the subject area of your certificate. Faculty advisors for students seeking degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences or the College of Health Sciences are listed below:

Department Advisor Office Phone Email
Art Diane Gregory ART 203 (940) 898-2540
Computer Science Don Edwards MCL 302 (940) 898-3275
Dance Ilana Morgan DGL 205A (940) 898-2003
Deaf Education Tamby Allman MCL 806 (940) 898-2025
English Stephen Souris CFO 903 (940) 898-2343
Health Education Roger Shipley CFO 1006 (940) 898-2831
History Lybeth Hodges CFO 603 (940) 898-2136
Mathematics Cathy Banks MCL 416 (940) 898-2770
Music Vicki Baker MUS 204 (940) 898-2724
Physical Education Kathryn Brown PH 208H (940) 898-2851

Science-Major in Biology Sandra Westmoreland GRB 230 (940) 898-2560
Science-Major in Chemistry Rich Jones SCI 213P (940) 898-2557
Social Studies Lybeth Hodges CFO 603 (940) 898-2136
Theatre Arts Patrick Bynane MUS 200 (940) 898-2518
Family & Consumer Sciences Joyce Armstrong HDB 104G (940) 898-2690


All students seeking educator certification will minor in Education, which requires the following courses be completed with a C or better:

  • EDUC 2003: Schools and Society
  • EDUC 3003: Learning Theory and Development
  • EDUC 3482:Teaching the Diverse Learner Through Technology Integration
  • EDUC 4113: Design and Implementation of Instruction and Assessment
  • EDUC 4243: Classroom Environment and Management
  • Student Teaching

Degree Audit

Degree Audit enables students to track their progress towards graduation. Students should check their online degree audit record each semester and work with their advisor in planning or making changes. The Degree Audit system shows courses and requirements for their degree plans. The degree audit provides a statement of requirements, but the student is responsible for knowing the requirements for the degree as stated in the catalog under which he or she is entitled to graduate and for registering to fulfill these requirements.

One year prior to graduation, an Undergraduate Degree Plan Verification Form must be signed by the advisor and submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

Interdisciplinary Studies majors should make an appointment in the Office of Student Support Services (regardless of whether you have a faculty advisor) to complete a degree plan verification form. Majors in other colleges should contact their faculty advisor. During your appointment, you will:

  • Review and sign your degree plan worksheet to make sure you will be able to graduate in one year’s time.
  • Make sure all course substitutions have been submitted to the Registrar and applied to your degree audit
  • Correct any errors and verify whether you are “Core Complete”.

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