Summer Nursing Programs

Special Topic Courses

Summer 2018 doctoral nursing students have the following special topic electives available:

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Course CodeCourse Title
NURS 6004 Grant Writing
NURS 6223 Threats to Women's Health
NURS 6323 Informatics & Research in Nursing

All courses are 100% online and designed to provide you with specific skills for dissertation success.

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Registration begins March 27. Visit the Summer 2018 Academic Calendar for more information.

Summer-only Clinicals and Operating Room Rotations

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Dallas Campus

Course CodeCourse Title
NURS 4902 (sections 30, 32, 33 and 34) Special Considerations with Veterans
NURS 2213.30 Introduction to Health Informatics
NURS 4902.40 & NURS 4902.41 Nursing Implications of Dysrhythmias


Houston Campus

Course CodeCourse Title
NURS 3143.60 Multicultural Women’s Health
NURS 4902.61 & NURS 4902.62 Perioperative Nursing
NURS 4902.63 & NURS 4902.64 Camp Rainbow (children’s diabetes camp)
NURS 4902.65 & NURS 4902.66 Stafford Middle School (advancing nursing as a career)

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