SOC Purchase Card Process

Chartered student organizations, who are requesting funding through the Student Organizations Council, will fill out the Student Organizations Council Funding Application. Chartered student organizations are eligible to receive up to $500 per semester (fall and spring) through the Student Organizations Council. The application must be submitted the Friday prior to the finance hearing by 5:00pm. You will then attend the next scheduled finance hearing to justify the need of the amount requested. Only events taking place in the next 30 days may be requested. Please bring an itemized budget detailing your expenses with you to the finance hearing. Expenses that are vital to the success of an event will be given priority. No later than 48 hours after the finance hearing, you will be notified on the status of your request. If you are approved, you will receive instructions on how to set up an appointment to pick up the p-card.

Dates for Finance Hearings can be found here.

What is the Student Organizations Council (SOC) P-Card?

This is a MasterCard issued by CitiBank which gives recognized (chartered and sanctioned) student organizations the ability to purchase small and infrequent organization-related goods and services. This SOC P-Card is administered through the Center for Student Development and is available to be checked out to purchase pre-approved goods and services for upcoming student organization programs and events.

Why would student organizations use the SOC P-Card?

Use of the SOC P-Card is a privilege, not a right. The SOC P-Card is designed to be used for purchases related to official organization business only. Use of the P-Card for personal purchases is strictly prohibited. University accounting policies and good business practices should be followed at all times when using the P-Card, which includes ensuring that all purchases are TAX EXEMPT and itemized receipts should be provided to the Center for Student Development within 24 hours of your time of purchase.

Improper use of the SOC P-Card will result in the termination of this privilege for any student organization in violation for the remainder of the academic year and/or other disciplinary action.

Uses for the SOC P-Card include the following:

  • Take-out Food Establishments
  • Grocery Stores
  • Organization Supplies
  • TWU Bookstore Purchases
  • Pre-Approved Retail Stores such as Target, Walmart, Party City, CVS, etc. For detailed list of approved vendors, click here. For the Restricted Items List, please click here.

How does your organization become approved to check out the SOC P-Card?

The SOC P-Card can be checked out to Student Organization Presidents and/or Treasurers who are granted authority by the Center for Student Development. No organization officer may have access without following all procedures explained below. 

To be granted authority, the President and/or Treasurer of the organization must attend the annual Student Organizations Council Officer Training and complete the Delegate Agreement Form. This form will ensure that your President and/or Treasurer will be able to begin checking out the SOC P-Card for the remainder of that academic year. Only the Presidents and/or Treasurers who attend this training will have access to this service.

If you have any questions, please contact the Center for Student Development at 940-898-3626.