Themed Areas

Built Environment

The Built Environment theme seeks to identify, plan, and implement best practices for active and safe transit (especially walking and bicycling); facilitate physical activity in everyday activities, expand clean and green campus spaces; and build campus awareness about the built environment. 

Faculty Co-Lead
Cynthia Maguire, MS, Chemistry & Biochemistry CAS (CO-LEADER)

Staff Co-Lead
Jill Eckardt, Director of University Housing/Residence Life and Dining Services  (CO-LEADER)


The Financial wellbeing theme seeks to expand financial literacy and wellbeing, awareness of savings, and a culture of abundance.

Faculty Co-Lead
James Lytle, MBA, MS, COB (CO-LEADER)

Staff Co-Lead
Karen Trail, Admissions/Registrar/Financial Aid Advisor


Mental Health

The mental health theme aims to promote mental wellbeing, resilience, social connectedness, and creative coping strategies throughout the community.

Faculty Co-Lead
Lisa Grubbs, PhD, Counseling and Development; COPE (CO-LEADER)

Staff Co-Lead
Linda Louden, PhD, Dallas Counseling Center  (CO-LEADER)



The movement theme brings together physical activity programs with the goal of increasing participation by students, faculty, and staff. We hope to inspire additional programming, increase educational opportunities about how to take the lead in improving one’s own physical fitness, and how to support one another in reaching these goals.

Faculty Co-Lead
Katherine Coffey, Kinesiology; COHS
Sarah Gamblin, MFA, Dance; COAS (CO-LEADER)

Staff Co-Lead
Beth Palmer, PhD; Executive Director of Pioneer Hall and TWU Fitness & Recreation (CO-LEADER)



The nutrition theme strives to enhance nutrition education, increase access and availability of healthy foods and beverages on campus, and support innovative projects, such as gardens, to help reach our positive nutrition goals.

Faculty Co-Lead 
Angie (Angela)Griffin, MS, RDN, LD, Nutrition & Food Sciences; COHS (CO-LEADER)
Kathleen Davis, PhD, Nutrition & Food Sciences; COHS (CO-LEADER)


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