Directory of Student Organizations

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Student Government Association (SGA)

Dallas SGA is the independent, representative student board of all undergraduate and graduate students at TWU Dallas. SGA empowers the student body by providing a platform for students to share concerns and ideas, and creating opportunities for involvement, networking, and leadership development beyond the classroom.

Best Buddies

Best Buddies TWU is a student organization that provides a variety of inclusive opportunities and lasting friendships for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We do this by facilitating one-to-one friendships and opportunities of inclusion in a college setting.

Chi Epsilon Sigma (CES)

Professional Nursing Development- Community, Education, Service.

Craft Club

The Craft Club encourages interdisciplinary camaraderie through learning and practicing various craft skills. Open to all programs and disciplines!
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Fellowship of Christian University Students (FOCUS)

The purpose of Fellowship of Christian University Students is to create a place for both Christian and Non-Christian TWU students to build relationships and to learn about Christ.

Graduate Student Council (GSC)

The Graduate Student Council is a multi-purpose organization designed to give graduate students a formal collective presence on all three campuses. Additionally, the GSC promotes graduate student development and advocates for graduate students’ concerns and ideas related to graduate education at Texas Woman’s University.

Nurse's Christian Fellowship (NCF)

Designed for any student to come and relax in an environment of prayer and support over a lunch break. Students have a respite from the stress of school and the pressures of life to feel the presence of the Lord in a caring and supportive environment with other students.

Pediatric Education Advocacy, and Service (PEAS)

The purpose of PEAS is to provide opportunities for students to engage in pediatric health outcomes through education, advocacy, and service events on campus and in the community.

Pi Theta Epsilon (PTE)

Pi Theta Epsilon (PTE) is a specialized honor society for occupational therapy students and alumni. Its mission is to promote research and scholarship among occupational therapy students. PTE strives to encourage academic excellence, promote evidence based practice, and enhance professional development.

Pioneers for a Cause Outreach Organization (PCOO)

Pioneers for a Cause Outreach Organization provides service and outreach opportunities to the TWU Dallas students in areas which they have passions for giving back.


Students Making Individuals Laugh Excessively (SMILE) is a health science multicultural student organization that believes in encouraging a perspective of humor, providing enriching activities, and promoting laughter in the community. Our core activities are designed to be fun and easily accessible to all. Activities are intended to brighten everyone’s day!

Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)

The purpose of SOTA is to increase student involvement and provide opportunities for students to participate in a wide variety of social, education, and community activities to facilitate professional development and the advancement of the occupational therapy profession. The aim is to provide leadership, innovation, and mentoring.

Spanish for Healthcare Organization (SHO)

We are an organization that provides a setting for those passionate in learning Spanish and those interested in a career with a Spanish speaking population.

Student Physical Therapy Organization (SPTO)

SPTO is a student led organization that promotes interest in physical therapy at the local, state, and national level, and also fosters leadership development among its members. In addition, SPTO assists students with funding to attend conferences and workshops and encourages interaction between physical therapy students across the nation.

University Network Intercultural Team and Education (UNITE)

Our goal is to provide nursing students with an intercultural retentive student mentorship, assist students to be successful in their respective programs, and foster an environment that supports and cultivates cultural competence in academia.

Women’s Health Student Advocate Association (WHSAA)

WHSAA strives to provide education on contemporary women’s health issues, including but not limited to, sexual health and contraception, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, rape, access to abortion, and general health, to our TWU student population, as well as specified non-profits within the DFW Metroplex.

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