Student Organizations Council

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What is the Student Organizations Council?

The Student Organizations Council (SOC) is a branch of the Student Government Association (SGA) at Texas Woman’s University.  The SOC works as an intermediary between the University administration and all chartered and University sanctioned student organizations. 

All registered on-campus organizations at Texas Woman’s University are members under the Student Organizations Council. Each organization’s delegate makes up the voting body of the SOC. From this group of delegates, the SOC officers are elected.

The SOC is in charge of the Student Leadership Development Fund and the Student Organization Programming Fund. The Student Organizations Council also facilitates the registration process of student organizations in conjunction with the Center for Student Development on an annual basis, in the fall, to keep information on student organizations accurate and updated. In addition, our student organizations are required to keep a current copy of their constitution and by-laws in the Center for Student Development. Other general functions include the establishment of new organizations, support of student organization efforts to promote leadership and team building skills through the sponsorship of student leadership conferences and campus activities.  

With the growing needs of our student organizations and our strive to develop the most effective student leaders the Student Organizations page has been designed to equip TWU student organizations with a variety of resources and access to all that the Student Organizations Council has to offer!

2017-2018 SOC Finance Hearing Meeting Dates

All Student Organizations Council Finance Hearing meetings are held at 4:00pm in Student Union Room 113 (unless otherwise indicated).

Spring 2018

January 23
February 6
February 20
March 6
March 27
April 10

Fall Student Organization Training

The fall training is mandatory for all chartered organizations and NEW advisors. It is the catalyst for the Student Organization Recognition/Charter Process. It is held at the beginning of the fall semester, usually during the month of September. Information regarding programming, risk management, and university policies and procedures regarding student organizations will be presented. Attendance is required for the organization presidents, one other organization officer, and their advisor.

Fall and Spring Student Organization Fairs

The Student Organization Fair is an event sponsored by the Center for Student Development and the Student Organizations Council. This event provides an opportunity for students to introduce their organization, recruit new members, and help incoming students become acclimated to the college environment thorough co-curricular activities. The fairs are held in September during the fall semester, and in February during the spring semester.

Student Organizations must be chartered and in good standing with the university in order to be eligible to participate in the fair. All student organizations are provided one table and one tablecloth for the event. Recruitment information, brochures, flyers, etc. are the responsibility of the student organization.