Learn to Thrive: Strategic Plan 2022

DISCOVER: We Seek to Improve Our World through Creative Expression and Research that Matters

Texas Woman’s will grow its contributions to discovery by empowering the institution and its community to fully engage in the discovery process.


  1. Elevate scholarly productivity and external funding to establish Texas Woman’s in a robust position as a doctoral research university within the Carnegie classification framework
  2. Advance research and creative arts that benefit the human experience
  3. Foster collaborative connections that increase research and creative activity, encourage innovation, and benefit our local and global communities
  4. Provide education and experience in research for the next generation of scholars

Strategic Initiatives

  • Develop support services and infrastructure that fuel a vibrant research culture across the university

Additional Strategies

  • Build innovative workload and incentive systems to support faculty with strong research history or promising research potential
  • Leverage external grant opportunities to provide competitive financial support for graduate students and research faculty