Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee shall consist of a chair (President Elect) and committee members from various areas of the University. The Committee shall be responsible for implementing staff development programs, encouraging staff leadership and recognition of such, and initiating workshops and training sessions. The Committee shall also be responsible for promoting a high quality, efficient work environment for University staff members.

The TWU Staff Council Committee on Professional Development is committed to fostering a spirit of unified community and to advance the mission of the University by:

  1. Acting as a channel of communication within the University regarding the staff’s professional development interests, concerns, and issues by informing the University administration on items that are of interest and/or relevant to staff members;
  2. Advocating for staff in seeking workplace improvements;
  3. Assisting staff in locating and acquiring available training through the University to more effectively perform their current job functions;
  4. Providing opportunities to acquire new work related and leadership skills to enhance their career development; and
  5. Increasing the sense of identity, recognition, and worth of each staff member in his/her relations to the University by recognizing staff members who go “above and beyond” in supporting the TWU community and the community-at-large.

Duties/Activities Include

  • Updating and publishing the Staff Development Grant Application each term;
  • Publicizing/promoting the grant opportunity and deadlines;
  • Reviewing and balloting on grant applications;
  • All communication with grant applicants and recipients;
  • Work with Staff Council Treasurer to make grant purchases on behalf of the recipients;
  • Planning and hosting Staff Development Week activities;
  • Planning “pay it forward” speaking opportunities for grant recipients; and
  • Distributing grant recipient write-ups and certificates.

The Staff Council Committee on Professional Development welcomes staff input on professional development interests, concerns, and issues. Please visit our Contact Us webpage to share your thoughts with us!

Committee Members

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Carolyn Becker (Chair) 940-898-4115 Educ Abroad Spec Exec Vice Provost Denton
Melissa Rodriguez 713-794-2352 Asst Dir Admission Admissions Houston
Robin Shawn 940-898-4119 Coord College Acad Advising Pioneer Ctr Student Excellence Denton
Margaret Basiliadis   Staff Physician Univ Health Svcs Denton
Karen Zapata 214-689-6512 Administrative Assistant Nursing DAL Dallas
Lisa Grimaldo 940-898-2326 Administrative Assistant English, Speech, and Foreign Languages Denton

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