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Staff Council Logo Development

Staff Council Communications Committee members on the development team:  Allison Mabry and Bob Mabry.  Logo was designed with several samples.

Result:  Staff Council voted and Marketing & Communications approved the following logo:

Staff Council Logo

Staff Council representatives have been selected to serve on the following important TWU committees and will report on these committees as developments arise:

a.  Smoking Policy on Campus – Staff Council representative, Josh Hancock
b.  Wellness Connections Initiative – Staff Council representative, Anne Downing
c.  Global Connections Initiative – Staff Council representative, Tim Wolf
d.  Provost Search Committee – Staff Council representative, Bob Mabry
e.  Honorary Degree Committee – Staff Council representative, Gail Orlando

Exercise Break Time Policy

Staff Council Human Resources Committee members on the proposal team:  Gail Orlando, Sarah Alexander, Paula Tanner, and Josh Hancock.  A thoroughly researched proposal was submitted to Dr. Stuart requesting reinstatement the benefit allowing extra time at lunch in order for employees to participate in exercise activities through TWU Fitness and Recreation.

Result:  Dr. Stuart and the Cabinet approved the reinstatement of time-for-exercise benefit; HR has developed the policy:  SECTION 3 Personnel, Policy 3.39 Workplace Wellness and Excercise Program.  You may access this new policy through your Pioneer Portal by clicking on "Policies and Procedures" under "Faculty/Staff Resources" at the following link:  https// The forms to fill out are at the end of the policy.  Implementation of the benefit effective 9/1/10.  Payroll deduction of Fitness and Recreation fees can be requested in August (see for details).  This payroll deduction is handled only during the month of August, just like the parking fee payroll deduction.  For more information on the Wellness policy see Human Resources FAQs sheet.

Fitness and Recreation Center Membership Fees

The increase in the membership fees for TWU’s Fitness and Recreation Center was state regulated.  TWU does not have the authority to set the rate.  The Center’s Director, John Cissik, refers us to the legislation:  HB 902, 2007 Legislature says that:

"(g)  The board may permit a person who is not enrolled at the university to use a facility
financed with revenue from the fee imposed under this section only if:
(1)  the person's use will not materially interfere with use of the facility by students of the
(2)  the person is charged a fee in an amount that is not less than the amount of the student
fee or the total amount of the direct and indirect costs to the university of providing for the
person's use, except that a charge under this subdivision may not be imposed on a person
who uses the facility under an existing lifetime contract with the university for the use of fitness
and recreational facilities; and
(3)  the person's use will not materially increase the potential liability of the university."

Modified Work Week

Human Resources Committee brought forward a request to consider a modified work week.

Result:  Dr. Stuart responded that it is not possible, nor economical, and that the University cannot be closed to accommodate a four-day work week.  Staff Council will consider the idea of researching the State of Texas policy on flex-time schedules.

Request for an Omsbud-Person

The Faculty Senate proposed inviting Dr. Derrell Bulls to represent the Staff Council as Omsbud-person in addition to his current .25 FTE for serving as such for the Faculty Senate.  The Speaker of Faculty Senate presented a request to increase Dr. Bulls’ FTE by .25 to assume this role on behalf of TWU staff.

Result:  Request denied due to current budgetary constraints.

Consideration of Toastmaster’s International Group at TWU

The possibility of creating an independent Toastmaster’s corporate club on the TWU campus was considered following an informational presentation by Morgan O’Donnell.

Result:  TWU does not currently have an affinity group policy and would not permit the use of campus facilities for an outside organization unless it is managed by Lifelong Learning or Conference Services.  A community-based Toastmaster’s community club meets at UNT in Denton.  Anyone is welcome to attend those monthly meetings.  More information is available at, the organization’s official website.

Tuition and Fee Benefit for TWU Employees and their Families

The topic of reduced tuition for employees and their family members enrolled and attending classes at TWU has been raised repeatedly by staff members.  Again, this Council asked for TWU’s explanation of why our University does not offer this benefit.

Result:  Chancellor Stuart stated it is against Texas state law for a public university to reduce tuition for its employees.  Dr. Floyd confirms, “TWU cannot, by state law, give waivers for tuition and fees, unless those waivers are specifically provided in state law.  This applies to all public universities in the state.  Universities may pay for employees’ tuition and fees.  TWU does this in a limited way by providing staff scholarships.” 

Dr. Stuart explained that the University of North Texas is able to offer reduced tuition and fees to its employees and their family members through distributions from local funds or/a privately-endowed scholarship fund for employees, with no Texas state funds being contributed.

Availability of Area Merchant Discounts

Permission was requested to create and post on Staff Council’s website a list of possible discounts offered to State of Texas employees by North Texas-area merchants and vendors.

Result:  TWU’s policy not to advertise for any vendor, nor support one business over another in the community precludes Staff Council from developing such a resource.

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