Space Utilization Advisory Committee

Previous communications from the Chancellor have announced that Texas Woman’s University would be organizing a Space Utilization Advisory Committee (SUAC) to begin tackling a variety of space and facility issues across our campuses. This committee has started meeting and the committee membership will begin a series of orientation sessions on space/room inventory, space utilization efficiency, the current condition of our facilities and how that condition is measured, deferred maintenance needs, and a host of other related topics.

As this committee begins addressing an assortment of space and facility concerns, it might be helpful for the TWU community to be informed about the committee membership so you can reach out to the group or to a specific individual with questions or issues of concern that you may have regarding items of interest to this committee.

Voting members of the SUAC committee are as follows:

  • Barbara Lerner representing the Academic Leadership
  • Ainslie Nibert (Houston Campus) representing the Academic Component Leaders
  • Jessica Gullion representing the Faculty
  • Chad Swank (Dallas Campus) representing the Faculty
  • David Sweeten representing Student Life and Auxiliaries
  • Matthew Moore representing the Staff
  • Melany Noyola representing Undergraduate Students
  • Suzan South representing Graduate Students

Resource members of the SUAC committee are as follows:

  • Rob Ramirez representing Facilities Management and Construction
  • Bill Beckham representing Facilities Management and Construction
  • Pam Wilson representing Finance
  • Blake Abbe representing Risk Management
  • Dennis Hoebee representing Technology
  • Greg Armor representing University Scheduling
  • Donna Scott-Tilley representing Research

The SUAC committee is co-chaired by Dr. Jennifer Martin and Ms. B. J. Crain.

The committee’s organizational documents detail items such as the committee’s role and scope, membership logistics, principles, etc. This website has been created to share a variety of information on the committee’s activities so the campus community can stay informed of the progress of this important aspect of our institution.