Masters in Health Systems Management

The Masters in Health Systems Management (MHSM) is designed to prepare future executives to assume responsible positions in health care organizations.  The program emphasizes three general areas:

  • The Health Care Environment
    History and organization of the health care system, the utilization and quality of health care, policy and legal aspects.
  • Management Science
    Organizational and operational analysis, human resource management, financial and quantitative analysis.
  • Strategy and Leadership
    Strategic planning and leadership behavior with an emphasis on ethical, social and community responsibilities.

Program features

  • Courses are offered in the evening or on Saturday to meet the schedule of working professionals.
  • Course location and format is different for BUS vs. HSM courses:
    HSM courses are offered at the TWU-Dallas campus and are typically for the full semester
  • BUS courses are offered as part of the MBA program
  • Students must learn and extensively use spreadsheet applications and other business tools throughout the program.

Admission requirements

  • Undergraduate degree from an accredited university
  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better
  • No GMAT or GRE requirements
  • Apply to the University
  • Email resume to
  • Email two (2) letters of recommendation to
  • Prerequisite coursework may be required based on previous academic and/or professional experience


Semester Credit Hours Required

45 semester credit hours.

Required Courses (36 SCH)  
BUS 5133 Marketing Management 3
BUS 5433 Managerial Accounting 3
BUS 5523 Management and Organization 3
HSM 5003 Management of Health Services Organizations 3
HSM 5033 Health Services Human Resource Management 3
HSM 5043 Legal Foundations of Health Systems Management 3
HSM 5053 Quantitative Methods in Health Systems Management 3
HSM 5063 Financial Management for Health Systems Management 3
HSM 5083 Analysis and Management of Health in Populations 3
HSM 5183 Health Resources and Policy Analysis 3
HSM 5263 Advanced Financial Management for Health Systems Management 3
HSM 5933 Capstone Seminar in Health Systems Management 3
Electives (9 SCH)  
Select nine semester credit hours from any graduate level HSM, BUS, or ECO course not shown above. 9
Total Semester Credit Hours 45

Recommendations regarding course sequence

  1. HSM 5003, HSM 5033, HSM 5053, HSM 5083, HSM 5183, BUS 5433 should be taken early in the program.
  2. BUS 5433, HSM 5063, and HSM 5263 must be taken in this order.
  3. HSM 5043 should be taken toward the end of the program.
  4. HSM 5933 serves as the Capstone course for the program and should be taken in a student's final semester. Enrollment in HSM 5933 will not be allowed prior to completion of all of the HSM courses listed in the above recommendations.

Additional Program Information

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