Paul D. Bones, PhD

Assistant Professor of Sociology


PhD 2015 University of Oklahoma

Courses Taught


  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Race, Crime, and Justice
  • Social Research
  • Sociology of Horror


  • Race, Crime, and Justice
  • Gender and Sexualities
  • Criminology Theory
  • Hate Crimes

Research Interests

Disability and Crime, Environmental Criminology, Rural Crime, Victimology, Stigma and Victimization, Opioid Abuse, Media Studies, Race and Crime, and Domestic Terrorism

Selected Publications

  • Bones, Paul D.C. (2018). Physical and Social Decay: Examining the Effect of Environmental Factors on Heroin Use in Rural and Urban Areas. AMPS Proceedings Series, 12, 78-86.
  • Bones, Paul D.C., & Sabriseilabi, S. (2018). Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God: An Exploration of Religious Forces on Support for the Death Penalty. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.
  • Bones, Paul D.C and Trina L. Hope. 2015. “Broken Neighborhoods: A Hierarchical Spatial Analysis of Police Calls and Disability Concentration in Washington, D.C.” Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 31(2): 311-329.
  • Bones, Paul D.C. 2013. “Perceptions of Vulnerability: A Target Characteristics Approach to Disability, Gender, and Victimization.” Deviant Behavior, 34(9): 727-50.

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