Carol L. Perryman, PhD

Carol Perryman PhD

Associate Professor

Office: SH 309
Phone: 940-898-2612


PhD, University of North Carolina System - Chapel Hill, Library and Information Science, 2011
MS, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, Library and Information Science, 2004
BS, Friends University, Business Management, 2001

Research Interests

Medical librarianship; information retrieval; critical evaluation of information; evidence-based practice in librarianship.


Early research on retrievability of library science research to support practice led Dr. Perryman to a dissertation focused on the sense-making practices of hospital librarians, a trajectory that continues to guide her research and service activities. A former hospital librarian who began an academic career after many years in practice, Perryman focuses on existing practices and skills of medical librarians related to preparedness for role changes. She also is an active participant in the TWU Informatics initiative and the associated interprofessional research group. More recently, she is co-PI with Dr. Jeng for the SLIS IMLS-funded scholarship project, which will fund 20 library students in earning their MLS with a specific focus on community informatics, and a focus on small or rural communities in Texas.

Perryman serves on the editorial board of the Journal of the Medical Library Association, is associate editor for the Evidence Summaries section of Evidence Based Library and Information Practice journal, and co-editor for Hypothesis, journal of the Medical Library Association’s Research Section. Current national service includes participation with the MLA Research Institute Task Force, now serving in a consultant role for assessment of the Institute.

Selected Publictions

Perryman, C.L. (2018, accepted, pending publication). Credit due: Multiple author attributions for interdisciplinary informatics research groups. Hypothesis, 30(1).

Perryman, C. L. (2017).  AAU library directors prefer collaborative decision making with senior administrative team members.  Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (Online), 12 (2), 181-183.

Wildemuth, B. & Perryman, C. L. (2016). Discourse analysis. In Barbara Wildemuth (Ed.), Applications of social research methods to questions in information and library science. Libraries Unlimited.

Perryman, C. L. & Wildemuth, B. (2016). Studying Special Populations. In Barbara Wildemuth (Ed.), Applications of social research methods to questions in information and library science. Libraries Unlimited. 

Perryman, C. L. (2016). Mapping studies. Journal of the Medical Library Association, 104 (1), 79-82.

Perryman, C. L. (2016). Evaluation of self-ratings for health information behaviour skills requires more heterogeneous sample, but finds that public library print collections and health information literacy of librarians needs improvement. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (Online), 11 (1), 82-84.

Lessick, S., Perryman, C. L., DeGroote, S. L., Billman, B. L., Alpi, K. M., Babin, T.D. (2016).  Research engagement of health sciences librarians: A survey of research-related activities and attitudes.   Journal of the Medical Library Association, 104 (2), 166-173, doi:

Perryman, C. L. (2016). Prison Library Services in Croatia Need Improvement to Meet International Standards of Universal Rights to Access. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 11(3), 85-87. doi:






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