FY 2018 Research Enhancement Program Awards

New Investigator Category:

  • Dr. Dayna Averitt, Biology, "Enhancing Effects of Estrogen on an Inflammatory Pain Mechanism in Female Rats," $10,000.
  • Dr. Kevin Becker, Kinesiology, “The Effect of Ambient Heat Stress on Fine Motor Task Performance,” $9,998.
  • Dr. Kelli Brizzolara, Physical Therapy - Dallas, "Predictive Validity of Lumbopelvic Stress Tests to Determine Those Who Will Benefit from Lumbar Traction: A Pilot Study."  Continuation funding from FY 2017; $4,918.
  • Dr. Clare Brock, History and Government, "Food Security: Framing and Policy Implementation," $9,999.
  • Dr. Christopher Brower, Biology, "The Role of ATE1 in Fat and Energy Metabolism." Continuation funding from FY 2017.
  • Drs. Kathleen Davis and Marilyn Massey-Stokes, "Text-Messaging to Prevent Early Childhood Obesity," $3,878. 
  • Dr. Xiaofen Du, Nutrition and Food Sciences, "Exploring Freshness Flavor of Calamondin (Citrus microcarpa) Peel and Juice by Sensory and Instrumental Analysis," $10,000.
  • Dr. Helen Everts, Nutrition and Food Sciences, "Vitamin A Metabolism in Epidermal Repair following Acute UVB Exposure." Continuation funding from FY 2017, $2,300. 
  • Dr. Veronica Kuhn, Family Sciences, “A Biobehavioral Family Model of Academic Outcomes for Chronically Ill Children in Fragile Families,” $9,944.
  • Dr. Monique LeMieux, “Nutrition and Food Sciences, “Analyzing the Metabolic and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Whey Protein Isolate in PCOS vs. Non-PCOS Women,”$10,000.
  • Drs. Nasrin Mirsaleh-Kohan and Richard Sheardy, Chemistry and Biochemistry, “Circular Dichroism and Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Analysis of the DNA Modifications upon Binding to Chemotherapeutic Agents,” $10,000.
  • Dr. Elisa Na, Psychology and Philosophy, "Understanding the Functional Consequences of Methyl-CpG Binding Protein 2 Knockout on Behavioral Responses to Food Reward." Continuation funding from FY 2017, $4,875.
  • Dr. Catalina Pislariu, Biology, "New Legume Signaling Peptides Required for the Nitrogen-fixing Symbiosis and Host-strain Specificity," $5,536. 
  • Dr. Ratonia Runnels, Social Work, “Improving Mental Health Outcomes Among HIV Positive Women in Texas,” $9,993.
  • Dr. Theresa Smith, Occupational Therapy - Houston, "Effects of Computer-Assisted Cognitive Rehabilitation Programs with Breast Cancer Survivors," $9,993.
  • Drs. Chad Swank and Sharon Wang, Physical Therapy - Dallas, "Does Wearing a Robotic Exoskeleton Encourage Normal Walking Patterns in People after Spinal Cord Injury? Continuation funding from FY 2017, $3,918.

Continuing Faculty Category:

  • Drs. Michael Bergel and Tina Gumienny, Biology, "Determining the Molecular Pathway and Physiological Significance of a Novel DNA Protective Response to UV Radiation in Primary Mouse Fibroblasts and C. elegans," $10,000.
  • Drs. Cynthia Evetts and Claudette Fette, Occupational Therapy - Denton, "Promoting Healthy Minds through an Occupational Therapy Lifestyle Redesign® Program," $4,960. 
  • Dr. Camelia Maier, Biology, “Purification, Characterization and Biological Activities of Croton Phytoestrogens and Diterpenoids,” $5,340.
  • Dr. Nathaniel Mills, Biology, “Testosterone Maintains Spermatogenesis by Preventing Germ Cell Apoptosis,” $9,996.  
  • Dr. Manal Omary, Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Bright Red/Green/Blue (RGB) and Near-Infrared (NIR) Light-Emitting Materials for Next-Gen Luminaires and Electronic Gadgets,” $10,000.

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