Internship Application

Graduate Eligibility for Internship (Probationary Certificate)

Candidates seeking approval for the Graduate Internship – Master of Arts in Teaching or Post-Baccalaureate Certification – must complete the Graduate Application for Internship and submit the following to the College of Professional Education’s Professional Development Center in Stoddard Hall, Room 202:

  1. Letter confirming student’s admission into Texas Woman's University’s Graduate School
  2. Unofficial Degree Plan or a copy of the Certification Plan for Post Baccalaureate candidates.
  3. Demonstrated competence in the content area by passing the corresponding TExES examination. All supplemental certification exams must be passed prior to being included on a certificate. This includes Bilingual, ESL, and Special Education.
  4. Completion of 12 credit hours of pedagogy courses with a grade of “B” or better.
  5. A minimum 2.75 overall grade point average; MAT students must have a 3.0 overall GPA

Once a candidate’s eligibility is confirmed, the Professional Development Center will provide the candidate with:

  • Statement of Eligibility for Internship (bottom part must be completed by employing school District)
  • Yellow Internship Contract forms (two separate identical forms). One is kept with the employing school, and the second form is returned to the TWU Professional Development Center.
  • Advisor Confirmation Form certifying student’s eligibility for Professional Teaching Internship
  • Letter certifying that the student is eligible to serve as the “teacher-of-record” on a one-year professional teaching internship

Once the candidate receives an offer of employment from an accredited public or private school, he/she must:

  • Complete Application for Probationary Certificate for internship on-line at
  • Complete Fingerprinting Application for national criminal history check. (Form provided by the State Board for Educator Certification)
  • Return the completed Statement of Eligibility for Internship and a completed Internship Contract to the TWU Professional Development Center to verify employment as the “teacher-of-record” in the certification area.
  • Register for EDUC 5936, Internship in Teaching, for each of two semesters


Professional Development Center
College of Professional Education
Texas Woman's University
P.O. Box 425769
Denton, TX 76204-5769
Telephone: 940-898-2223
Fax: 940-898-2209