Dress Code & Conduct

Dress Code

Students should exhibit professionalism in dress and grooming. They must identify and dress in accordance with the dress code of the assigned school. Students should not wear shorts, flip-flops, revealing clothing or clothing with offensive language.

The students must cover all tattoos and remove all jewelry used in conjunction with body piercing, such as nose ring or tongue stud. Hair, by color or design, may not create a distraction to the learning environment. Unconventional colors or multi-colors are not permitted. Hair must be neat and clean.

Code of Conduct

Students agree to the policies and procedures of the assigned school district and Texas Woman’s University. The student observer agrees while completing their field experience that they will not interfere with the children, teachers, or others during their visits, nor will they interrupt in the regular operations of the classroom or school. The student agrees to exhibit professionalism in behavior and dress at all times while maintaining a positive attitude during their practice-based experience.