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How do I do an Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT)?

Click here for step-by-step instructions. Please contact Candice Eddington in the Controller's Office 940-898-3527 with further questions.

I forgot to write down my requisition Number.  How do I find it?
Log into Phoenix and click on “Requisition Summary”. Click on the right hand side of the box that says “Preparer”. Three dots will appear.  In the “Find” box, type your name and the % sign. Hit enter.  When you name appears, highlight it and click "OK".  It will take you back to the original screen. Click on “Find” in the right hand corner.  It should bring up all requisitions you have done starting with the latest.

When entering a requisition, I get a message that says to “pick an existing combination.”  What does that mean?
When an account is set up, only a few of your most commonly used object codes are set up with the account.  If you are trying to use an object code that has not been set up, it will give you this message. Use the Controller’s “Combination Request Form” to request the object code be added to the account. Someone will email you as soon as the object code is linked.  The process can take approximately 3 hours. 

How do I set up a blanket purchase order?
When entering the requisition, the “UOM” should be “Dollars”, the “Quantity” should be the total amount of the purchase order, and the “Price” should be "1".  This allows you to receive only what is being used, without receiving the whole amount.

Where do I find object code information?
Click here and you will have the option to view TWU's most commonly used object codes or the complete listing of the State of Texas Comptroller's expenditure codes.

Phoenix is telling me I have insufficient funds in my account, but there should be money there to cover the requisition.  Why won’t it go through?  
It could be that the items you are ordering are considered “controlled” items, which means funds are used from your capital account instead of your maintenance and operation (M&O) account. If this is the case, it may require transfering money from your M&O account into your capital account.  Controlled items cost over $500 and under $5,000 in price. Controlled items can include computer equipment, fax machines, cameras, TV’s, etc. If this is not the case, please contact Finance and Administration.

Where do I find the forms needed to go with my requisition?
Click here to see the list of available forms for download.  Instructions for forms are attached to the form file.

I have a requisition I need converted in a hurry.  What is the procedure?
Occasionally, there may be an unavoidable circumstance where a requisition would need to be converted quickly - such as for an emergency repair.  In that case, contact someone in Purchasing and let them know the requisition number and the circumstance.   

Where do I find a rejected requisition?
In Phoenix, go to “Notifications Summary.” Look for the requisition and click on “Open”. You can then make any changes needed and resubmit for approval.

How do I increase my purchase order?
For an increase to existing product/service, do a Purchase Order Change Notice (POCN) form, get appropriate signatures.  Forward the original form via intercampus mail or email original (can no longer accept a faxed copy).

The dates in the description of my purchase order have changed.  Does that require a POCN?
The PO must match the invoice.  Any information you have given in your description must match the incoming invoice (names of persons attending, dates, increase in number of persons attending, increase in amount needed, shipping,etc.).  Any changes in these would require a POCN to be generated.

A tutorial is available under the “Purchasing” site titled “How to input a requisition”.  

I have someone going to a conference next month and I need to put on a requisition.  What information do I need to include?

Always remember the 5 W’s.  Who, What, When, Where, and Why.  Who is going; What are they going to; When is it; Where is it; and Why are they going.

Example:  Dr. Hubert Sullivan will be presenting at the 2012 Healthcare Summit in Las Vegas,    Nevada, October 24 and 25th, 2012.

 I am putting on a requisition but cannot find the vendor in the Supplier file.  What do I do? 

You must obtain a W9 from that vendor and send it to Purchasing to be set up in the vendor file.  Please put the requisition number on the W9 for reference.

 What is TIBH and why should I use them first?

Texas Industries for the Blind and Handicapped.  Texas Legislature requires us to support the state’s efforts to gainfully employ persons with disabilities.  We must give first consideration always to goods and services provided by TIBH.  Products and services offered are listed on the TIBH Online Catalog.

What is a HUB vendor and where do I find them?

Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program.    The University is committed to a good faith effort to increase purchases from and contract awards to HUB firms consistent with the State’s goals for HUB participation and overall economic development.   HUB groups are American Indian, Asian Pacific American, Black American, Hispanic American, American Woman (all women excluding the other above named women groups.)  Contact our office if you need help finding HUB vendors.


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