Dallas Center Faculty

Ann Medley

Medley, S. Ann, PT, PhD,CEEAA
Director, School of Physical Therapy

Education: B.A., University of Texas, Austin,  Austin, Texas,  Biology; B.S., University of Texas Health Science Center,  Dallas, Texas,  Physical Therapy; M.S., Texas Woman's University,  Dallas, Texas,  Physical Therapy; Ph.D., University of Texas System : Dallas,  Richardson, Texas,  Cognition & Neuroscience
Primary teaching area: Neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, management of neurological patients to entry-level and post-professional physical therapy students
Area of research/expertise: Development of outcome measurements appropriate for high functioning and lower functioning older adults or individuals with neurologic dysfunction; Sitting Balance Scale (developed and now establishing psychometric properties in different populations)
Additional information: Curriculum vitae

Mark Weber photo

Weber, Mark, PT, PhD, SCS, ATC
Associate Director, Dallas Campus, School of Physical Therapy

Education: B.S., Ohio State University, physical therapy; M.S., University of Southern Mississippi, exercise science; Ph.D., University of Mississippi Medical Center
Primary teaching area: Therapeutic exercise and intervention track, musculoskeletal portion of the clinical management track
Areas of research/expertise: Physical therapy education; physical therapy residency and fellowship training
Additional information: Curriculum vitae

Dale Anderle

Anderle, Dale, PT, DPT
Assistant Clinical Professor
Director of Clinical Education, School of Physical Therapy - Dallas Campus 

Education: B.A., University of North Texas, Biology/Chemistry; M.S., Texas Woman's University, Physical Therapy; D.P.T. , A. T. Still University
Primary teaching area: Adult neurological rehabilitation, Supplemental Learning Lab (SLL) instruction, clinical education component of the PT program
Areas of research/expertise: Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation, admissions, clinical education
Additional information: Curriculum vitae

Kelli Brizzolara

Brizzolara, Kelli, PT, PhD, OCS
Assistant Professor
School of Physical Therapy

Education: B.S., Texas A&M University, Exercise Physiology; M.S., Texas Woman's University, Physical Therapy; Ph.D.   Texas Woman's University, Physical Therapy
Primary teaching area: Medical Kinesiology, therapeutic exercise, and intervention for the lower and upper quarters
Areas of research/expertise: Orthopedics: spine related pain and PT interventions/efficacy, injury prevention as it relates to health and wellness
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Linda Czisa

Csiza, Linda, PT, DSc, NCS
Associate Professor
tDPT Coordinator, School of Physical Therapy - Dallas Campus

Education: B.S., Texas Woman's University,  Dallas, TX,  Physical Therapy; M.S., Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions,  Physical Activity; D.Sc., Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, Neurology
Primary teaching area: Management of neurological patients, final therapeutic exercise course (complementary alternative medicine)
Areas of research/expertise: The benefit of personal training on improvements in gait and balance in people with MS; the benefit of whole body vibration on improvements in gait and balance in people with MS; comparison of Tai Chi, a home exercise program, and personal training on the improvement in gait and balance in people with MS
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Hui-Ting Goh

Goh, Hui-Ting, PT, PhD
Assistant  Professor

Education: B.S., National Taiwan University-Taiwan, physical therapy; M.S., Texas Woman's University, physical therapy; Ph.D., University of Southern California-Los Angeles, Biokinesiology
Primary teaching area: Neurological rehab
Areas of research/expertise: Stroke recovery, motor control and motor learning, neuroplasticity 
Additional information: Curriculum vitae

Elaine Jackson

Jackson, Elaine, PT, PhD
Research Coordinator, School of Physical Therapy - Dallas
Principal Investigator, BRAD Grant, TWU Dallas Center

Education: B.S., Texas Woman's University, Physical Therapy; M.S., University of North Texas,  Physical Education; Ph.D., Texas Woman's University, Physical Therapy
Primary teaching area: First-year entry-level physical therapy students, transitional DPT and Ph.D. curriculums
Areas of research/expertise: Physical activity, sedentary behavior, exercise in older adults, post acute rehabilitation for hip/knee joint replacement, health habits for healthy aging
Additional information: Curriculum vitae 

Suh-Jen Lin

Lin, Suh-Jen, PT, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Education: B.S., National Taiwan University, Physical Therapy; M.S., MGH Institute of Health Professions, Boston, MA, Physical Therapy; Ph.D., University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science
Primary teaching area: Cardiopulmonary physical therapy
Areas of research/expertise: Effects of Internet –based exercise behavior promotion in patients with spinal cord injury; inspiratory muscle training in individuals with heart failure; exercise testing and exercise prescription in people with chronic diseases; the clinical utility of six-minute walk tests in clinical populations; physical activity and gait variability in individuals with amputation; health promotion for people with chronic diseases
Additional information: Curriculum vitae

Martin Rosario

Rosario, Martin, PT, PhD
Assistant Professor for Dallas Campus
School of Physical Therapy

Education: B.S., Universidad Central de Bayamon; M.S., University of Puerto RicoMedical Sciences Campus; Ph.D., University of Puerto Rico-Medical Sciences Campus.
Primary teaching area: 
Areas of research/expertise: Gait Deficiencies in HIV and Diabetes individuals; standing Balance Deficiencies in HIV and Diabetes individuals; standing Balance Deficiencies in Children with Mild Autism Spectrum Disorder; neuromuscular Alteration in HIV and Diabetes individuals; influence of brain and CNS stimulants on static and dynamic postural control; caffeine; energy drinks; alcohol
Additional information: Curriculum vitae  

Kathy Shirley

Shirley, Kathleen, PT, DPT, OCS, GCS
Assistant Clinical Professor
School of Physical Therapy

Education: B.S., East Carolina University; D.P.T., Texas Woman's University
Primary teaching areas: Introduction to PT skills, professional practice, management and development for the PT, critical inquiry and psycho social aspects of rehabilitation
Areas of research/expertise: Geriatric content in DPT curricula; perception of aging and geriatric PT held by students
Additional information: Curriculum vitae


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Swank, Chad, PT, PhD, NCS
Assistant Professor

Education: B.A., Point Loma Nazarene College; M.S., Regis University; Ph.D., Texas Woman's University
Primary teaching area: Neuromuscular rehabilitation
Areas of research/expertise: Physical activity and neurologic disorder; motor-cognitive interplay (dual tasking) in people with neurologic disorders; gait and robotic exoskeletons
Additional information: Curriculum vitae  

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Thompson, Mary, Ph.D, PT, GCS
Post-Professional Program Coordinator, School of Physical Therapy - Dallas

Education: B.S, University of Kentucky; M.S., Texas Woman's University; Ph.D., University of North Texas
Primary teaching area: Geriatrics, health promotion/illness prevention, psychosocial aspects of care, and health care delivery systems
Areas of research/expertise: Geriatric physical therapy; career paths
Additional information: Curriculum vitae  

Karen Wang-Price

Wang-Price, Sharon, PhD, PT, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT
Professional Program (Entry-Level DPT) Coordinator - Dallas Campus

Education: B.S., National Taiwan University: Taipei, Taiwan; M.S., University of Pittsburgh; Ph.D., Texas Woman's University
Primary teaching area: differential diagnosis and musculoskeletal physical therapy
Areas of research/expertise: Effectiveness of PT interventions for people with neck and low back pain
Additional information: Curriculum vitae



Professional Staff - Dallas

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Douglas-Davis, Robin, PT
Supplemental Lab Coordinator
Dallas Campus

Mary Margaret Ramos photo

Ramos, Margaret, PT, MPT
Supplemental Lab Coordinator
Dallas Campus

Education:  B.S., University of Puget Sound, natural science/biology; M.P.T. (Master of Physical Therapy), University of Puget Sound 
Primary teaching area:  Competency Lab Coordinator for the School of PT's Supplemental Learning Lab (SLL)
Areas of research/expertise: Geriatric physical therapy


Administrative Staff - Dallas

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Daugherty, Mary Beth 
Coordinator of Allied Health Applications
School of Physical Therapy
Denton, Texas

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Mukherjee, Kam 
Senior Administrative Assistant
Dallas, Texas

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Elise Johnson
Senior Secretary
Dallas, Texas