Leon Washington, PhD, OTR, LMSW, C/NDT

Assistant Professor, Denton Campus

Leon Washington



P.O. Box 425648
Denton, Texas 76204-5648


Experience working with caregivers and children with disabilities both stateside and internationally.

Research Focus

My research emphasizes exploring the caregivers’ perspective, lived experiences, occupational adaptation, occupational challenges and contextual factors that impact caring for a child with a disability.  Caring for a child with a disability takes an inordinate amount of time and can affect the caregiver in numerous ways such as physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.  These challenges may have both a positive and/or negative impact on occupational performance on both the caregiver and the child.  In support of this, I am particularly interested in examining and understanding the challenges caregiver’s face and stressors associated with these challenges such as caregiver burden, caregiver strain, poverty, limited education, financial strain, and social isolation and how these issues may lead to abuse and neglect of a child with a disability. My second line of research is the occupational performance of children with disabilities who have been abused and/or exposed to violence.

  1. The reciprocal relationship between the caregiver and the environment
  2. The supports and barriers/stressors of the relationship between the caregiver and the environment
  3. Grandparents, foster parents, and fathers as caregivers
  4. Factors that may lead to abuse and neglect of children with disabilities

Current Students/Projects

Caregivers of a child with a disability 

OTD  Brandon Walker:  Creating a multidisciplinary program using an episodic model of care for children with Down’s Syndrome

Publications Linked to Area of Research

Book Chapter

Cahill, S., Bowyer, P., & Washington, L. (2015). Cases in Pediatric Occupational Therapy. Assessment and Intervention.  

Articles in Journals

Washington, F. L. (2009).  A Contextual Analysis of Caregivers of Children with Disabilities.   Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment. 19(5), 554-571 doi:10.1080.10911350902983093

Presentations Linked to Areas of Research

TWU Doctoral Research Exchange: The Evolution of Occupational Therapy Doctoral Research Past, Present, and Future

Broad Research Areas for SOT:

  1. Technology Applications (classroom, clinic, community)
  2. Participation and Context
  3. Occupation and Adaptation
  4. Applied Reasoning-classroom, clinic, community

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