Cynthia Evetts, PhD, OTR

Associate Professor and Director, All Campuses

Cynthia Evetts


MCL 816
1314 N. Bell Avenue
Denton, TX 76209


My formal education is in the areas of industrial arts, occupational therapy, and health education. My professional experience has focused primarily on mental health working with persons in psychiatric treatment facilities, skilled nursing facilities, long-term care, out-patient and respite programs, and briefly in special education. My hobbies include hiking and all manner of crafting.

Research Focus

I have two areas of scholarly inquiry:

1) Occupation and Adaptation: Therapeutic use of creative media as a holistic intervention in occupational therapy practice. Creative media specifically includes crafts and games, but also includes creative ways to tap into motivating elements from the occupation profiles of clients.
2) The impact of stress on occupational performance and participation. Stress is inevitable, individual responses to stress impacts ability to engage in life. In addition to our traditional understanding of the “fight-or-flight syndrome,” a new theory of stress response identifying “tend-and-befriend” behaviors (Shelly Taylor et al., UCLA) is deemed particularly adaptive for modern living.

Current Students/Projects

MOT     Chadlyr Cabaniol     Occupational therapy for persons with mental illness following crisis intervention

MOT     Yury Betancourt         Occupational therapy with foster care alumni to support college success

OTD     Armintia Alcorn           Increasing response to referral for mental health services among veterans

PhD      Laurie Stelter               Independent living skills for incarcerated women with developmental disabilities

PhD      Christine Linkie           Executive function, strengths orientation, and occupational performance among individuals with Schizophrenia

Creative Media Related Publications

Evetts, C. & Peloquin, S. (2017).  Mindful Crafts in Therapy: Engaging More than Hands. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  F. A. Davis. 

*This textbook describes a holistic intervention model grounded in theory and based on occupation-based principles that is applicable across the domain of occupational therapy. It provides manualized protocols for using crafts as therapy.

Leenerts, E., Evetts, C. & Miller, E. (2016) Reclaiming and Proclaiming the Use of Crafts in Occupational Therapy, The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy, 4(4), Article 13. Available at:

*This article describes a social media study demonstrating the relevance of popular crafts for contemporary therapeutic interventions.

Reid (Evetts), C. (1996). Craft activity precautions. OT Practice Magazine,1(8), 48-49. 

Creative Media Related Presentations

Peloquin, S & Evetts, C. (2017). Poster 6103 ­ Mindfulness in Occupational Therapy: Best Practice Using Crafts.

American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference and Expo. Philadelphia, PA

Peloquin, S. & Evetts, C. (2016). Workshop - Mindfulness in Occupational Therapy: Best Practice Using Crafts

Texas Occupational Therapy Association Mountain Central Conference, Sugar Land, TX

Evetts, C. (2016). Poster: Effective and Engaging Intervention: What's in Your Pocket? American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference and Expo. Chicago, IL

Evetts, C., Maia, R. & Alcacio, D. (2015). Workshop - Effective and Engaging Intervention: What's in Your Pocket?

Texas Occupational Therapy Association Mountain Central Conference, Richardson, TX

Evetts, C., Leenerts, E., & Miller, E. (2014, November). Updated Activity Analysis Using the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework III: Paralleling Craft Activity Skills to Everyday Occupations.   TOTA Mountain Central Conference, Sugar Land, Texas.  [Status: Presented]  [Refereed]

Stress Related Publications

Brown, D. P. & Evetts, C. L. (2013).  Experiences in an occupation-based community support group for clients with early-stage Alzheimer's disease and their caregivers.   OT Practice Magazine, 18 (11), 13-17. 

Adami, A. & Evetts, C. (2012).  Natural approach in mental health practice: Occupational Adaptation revealed.   Occupational Therapy in Mental Health: A Journal of Psychosocial Practice and Research, 28 (2), 170-179.  

Stress Related Presentations

Evetts, C. (2017). Poster 1127 ­ Fight or Flight Versus Tend and Befriend Behavioral Response to Stress. American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference and Expo. Philadelphia, PA

Cantrell, S., Capuchina, G., Cheatham, A., Holt, K., Pladson, L., Raffen, E. & Evetts, C. (2012). Veteran legacies: Evaluating the impact of life review. TWU Research Symposium, Denton, Texas [Poster]

Cookson, S., Madere, J., White, T., Rose, B., Pickard, B., Potter, S., & Evetts, C. (2012). Poster - Fight or flight and tend and befriend: Behavioral response to stress. TWU Research Symposium, Denton, TX

Brown, D. & Evetts, C. (2011). Benefits of participation in occupation-based groups for client with early stage dementia. Mountain Central/Texas Occupational Therapy Association, Frisco, TX

Evetts, C., Raffen, E., & McCarroll, H. (2011). Impact of life review for WWII veterans. Texas Occupational Therapy Association Mountain Central Conference, Frisco, TX

Evetts, C. (2011). New discoveries in stress response theory: Implications for helping clients manage stress. 18th Annual Vanderkooi Endowed Lectureship, Dallas, TX

Evetts, C. (2008). Impact of Psychosocial Issues on Occupational Performance. Mountain Central/Texas Occupational Therapy Association, Austin, TX

Reid (Evetts), C. (2007). Occupational Deprivation Among Persons with Chronic Mental Illness. Vanderkooi, Dallas, TX

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