Claudette Fette, PhD, OTR, CRC

Associate Clinical Professor, Denton Campus

Claudette Fette


MCL 854
1314 N. Bell Avenue
Denton, TX 76209
Phone: 940-898-2821 

Research Focus

  1. Use of strength-based intervention across the lifespan.
  2. Family and community engagement and partnerships.

Current Projects

  1. Occupational Therapy for Youth Strengths. This is part knowledge translation from positive psychology and part a continuation of my research into using strengths to support successful translation from elementary to middle school. I assess youth between 10-12 years old using the Strengths OPEN (my research), Snyder Hope Scale, and VIA ME (positive psychology) to identify their strengths. We then spend 10 weeks, defining and using their strengths within weekly occupation based groups. They complete homework, set goals and identify ways to continue practice of the strengths that they endorse beyond the 10 week protocol. At the end of the 10 weeks, the are reassessed using the Snyder Hope scale and Strengths OPEN to track changes in hope and relative mastery.
  2. AbleDisAbled Community Group. This is less research currently than a community partnership. I facilitate a weekly group in the Denton Community Health Clinic for people with mental illness, physical disability, or homelessness. We work on self-advocacy, building a local peer to peer network, and on creating capacity for a craft workshop to build resources for group members. An MOT student worked with me last summer to create a time bank for members to value their varied contributions and work on equitable distribution of the assets they produce.
  3. Family Engagement Initiatives. I participate in several networks that seek to support authentic family voices. These activities range from local and state family run organization board membership to facilitating and emerging national Community of Practice (CoP) for the IDEA Partnership for family run organizations called the Family School Collaboration National CoP. I also co-facilitate the Family Community Collaboration Interest Networking Group for the National Coordinating Committee for Safe and Healthy Schools. At the national level, both of these groups are collecting data on how family engagement is defined and operationalized across agencies and organizations.


2011: Ph.D. Occupational Therapy Texas Woman’s University
2001: M.S. Rehabilitation Counseling University of North Texas
1997: B.S. Occupational Therapy Texas Woman's University



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2006-07: Denton County Federation of Families Texas Integrated Funding Initiative Systems of Care Pilot Grant - Denton. Awarded $70,000 by Texas Health and Human Services.
2004-06: Denton County Federation of Families Youth Advocacy Training Grant. Awarded $130,000 by Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities.

Honors and Awards

2008: OTR of the Year, Texas Occupational Therapy Association
2007: UNT Distinguished Alumni Award for the School of Community Service
2007: Virginia Chandler Dykes Leadership Scholarship
2005: Public Health Advocate of the Year, Denton County Health Department

Potential Research Opportunities for Students

Students have participated in the Occupational Therapy for Youth Strengths research by identifying a research question within the scope of my IRB. They collect their data within the group processes and develop that into their MOT professional paper.

MOT students participate in the AbleDisAbled community group as part of their coursework in the Person’s Tools and Occupations course. They teach crafts to the group while the students use the process to learn activity analysis. Students have also completed their mental health fieldwork with this group, for example developing the time bank for members to value their work equitably. Students could help develop outcome measures for this group, or contribute to development work illustrating the potential role of occupational therapy in building a peer to peer network.

Students interested in research around family engagement could participate in the work nationally that seeks to identify the range of definitions and practical application across the country.

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