Guinn and Stark Halls

We have partnered with University and Student Services (USS) to provide a full-service Move-in experience for all students living with us in Guinn and Stark halls. Students who move into the residence halls on their scheduled day will arrive at either Stark Hall or Guinn Hall for a drive-through check in at their designated time. Yes, that means you don’t even have to leave your car.

Once at the residence halls, University and Student Services will unload your vehicle and move all of your items into your room for you. After they have unloaded your vehicle(s), you will be directed to parking. After you park, you may go back to your residence hall where you will get your key and start unpacking. Please note: It may take several hours for your belongings to get to your room.

  • Review your assigned route to campus.
    (Guinn Hall address – 420 East University Drive, Denton, Texas 76204)
    (Stark Hall address – 1719 Bell Avenue, Denton, Texas 76204)
  • Download and print your dashboard tag for Guinn or Stark.
  • Print Emergency Contact Form and bring with you to check in.
  • Arrive at assigned hall (volunteers will be outside to direct you, if needed).
  • Unload (USS movers will unload your belongings and take them to your room.)
  • Park your vehicle (Place the dashboard tag in your window and park at Pioneer Hall.).
  • Check into your hall. Check-in will be in Guinn Commons for Guinn Hall and Stark Commons for Stark Hall.
  • Turn in the Emergency Contact Form, receive your room key, and go to your room.
  • It may take a while for your belongings to get to your room.