College of Nursing Alumnae Pre-Interview Questionnaire Online Form

Thank you for participating in the TWU Alumnae Oral History Project. Below are a few questions to help us prepare for your interview. If you need additional space, feel free to print this form, add additional pages and mail it to the Woman's Collection, care of Kimberly Johnson, Special Collections Coordinator. You can also email your response to or by phone at (940) 898-3743.

Alumni Information
What was your name when you were in college?
What is your legal name today?
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Current Address:
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Your degree and major/minor:
Dates attended Texas Woman's University and graduation date:
Where did you live while attending TWU:

1. What made TWU your choice for college?

2. Why did you select nursing?

3. When did you know you wanted to be a nurse?

4. What were the nursing classes like? Did you have any that were particularly appealing to you or any that you couldn’t wait for the semester to be over?

5. Were your parents excited about your career choice?

6. Any further education (list places, dates, and area of study):

7. Who were your favorite faculty while you were at TWU and why?

8. Organizations and extra-curricular activities you participated in while attending TWU:

9. Post-graduation life (career, marital status, children, community involvement, etc.):

10. What are your favorite memories of TWU?

11. What did you enjoy most about TWU? What did you enjoy most about the Dallas/Houston campus?

12. What was your favorite activity, celebration, or tradition that you participated in while at TWU (i.e., Stunts, etc.)?

13. Where were your favorite places to go in town (i.e., the Juicy Pig, etc.)? Were there specific places in Dallas or Houston where the nursing students gathered?

14. Were there advantages or opportunities for you because you were on the Dallas or Houston campuses?

15. What political, cultural, or social events/changes impacted your experience at TWU?

16. Anything else we should know that might help us better prepare for the interview? Something in particular you would like to talk about? Anything you would rather not talk about?

Preferred contact method and times to contact you: