WASP Virtual Collection

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The Women Airforce Service Pilots virtual collection contains scans of original documents, military records, and artifacts from the WASP Historical Collection and individual WASP collections. To view the material in the virtual collection, please click on any of the links listed below. When the file opens, you will see a scan of the material with a brief description of it, and the collection number from where it was obtained.


  • Weather Wing Report
  • General Hap Arnold Speech
  • Jacqueline Cochran Speech
  • War Report/Jackie Cochran


  • Paula R. Loop's Diploma
  • Mary Anna Martin Wyall's Diploma

Aircraft/Aircraft Procedure:

  • PT-17
  • Pilot Check list for AT-6 Texan


  • Dallas Sectional Aeronautical Chart, 1944
  • Paula R. Loop's Ferrying Flight Plans

Rules and Regulations:

  • Trainee Handbook
  • Trainee Handbook (printable pdf)
  • Delinquencies and Demerits
  • Wearing of the WASP Uniform
  • Supplementary Rules and Regulations
  • General Military Regulations

Log Books/Pilots License:

  • Helen Schaefer's (43-4)
    pilots license and I.D. cards

Military Records :

  • War Dept. AAF Notification of
    Personnel Action for Paula R. Loop


  • Training Artifacts
  • Fifinella Artifacts
  • Fifinella Images/Award

Articles & Newsclippings :

  • "My Day" by Eleanor Roosevelt,
    September 1, 1942

Congressional Records 1944:

  • HR 4219, 1944
  • HR 3358, 1944
  • S1810, 1944
  • Ramspect Report