Welcome to the Woman's Collection, which is located on the second floor of the Blagg-Huey Library, TWU Denton Campus.





full statue

Full Statue

Proudly displayed at the entrance to the Woman's Collection is statue of a WASP sculpted by WASP Jewel Pfeifer Estes. The statue was dedicated April 20, 1995.






In Memorium

To the left of the statue is a bronze plaque inscribed with the names of the 38 Women Airforce Service Pilots who gave their lives in service to their country.







The expression of the upturned face of the statue captures both the love of flying shared by all the WASP and their motto from Avenger Field: "We live in the wind and sand and our eyes are on the stars..."




The Woman's Collection

Ranging from seminal works in women's studies to a large array of reference sources, the Woman's Collection is a rich resource. It includes over 42,000 books.



Resources for Researchers

The browsing section of the Woman's Collection is open to all patrons during regular library hours. Numerous books, periodicals, and microforms on women in aviation and women in the military are located in the browsing section of the Woman's Collection.



reading room

Welcome to the Reading Room

The Catherine Merchant Reading Room is open from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Materials from the WASP Collection may be checked out from the vault and viewed in the reading room. The kiosk outside the reading room exhibits items produced by research conducted in the archives.



Research in the Archives

Examples of some of the works produced from research in the archives are displayed in the kiosk outside the reading room and include: The Originals:The Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron of World War II by Sarah Bryn Rickman; Katherine Stinson: The Flying Schoolgirl by Debra l. Winegarten, and Daughter of the Air: The Brief Soaring Life of Cornelia Fort by Rob Simbeck. The PBS documentary, Fly Girls a history of the WASP, was researched and filmed primarily in the Woman's Collection.



reading room

Reading Room

The interior of the reading room provides a comfortable area for researchers to view vault materials, and it also houses the WASP exhibit.




WASP Exhibit

The WASP Exhibit includes photographs, documents, artifacts, WASP classbook, an A-2 jacket, and a WASP uniform.





Collage of Artifacts

Some of the tools of flying, such as a kneeboard used to hold maps and other materials, and a flight computer are on display along with insignia and ephemera.




Collage with Flight Goggles and Documents

Among the documents displayed are original training manuals and notes taken by WASP trainees at Avenger Field, Sweetwater, Texas.






WASP Ruth Craig Jones's (44-W-1) uniform with insignia completes the WASP Exhibit.






WASP A-2 Jacket

A leather WASP A-2 jacket and 44-W-7 class-book are the focal points of the exhibit's vertical display.