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How Do I....

How do I find call numbers starting with "BL" (or other letters)?
Please refer to the Location Finder to find where materials are located in the library.

How do I find online, full-text articles?
For information on finding articles, please see the Find Articles page.

How do I find an item my professor put on reserve?
Reserve materials are located in Denton at the Circulation Desk (Level 1) of the Main Library (across from the Information Desk). Reserve materials for Dallas are located at their circulation desk. For more information, please see Course Reserves

How do I find whether the library has a particular journal either in-print or electronically?
Search the TWUniversal by a title or topic to locate print and electronic materials.

How do I find a scanner or Fax machine in the library for student use?
TWU Libraries has scanners on the first, second, and third floor for students to use but no faxing. The Student Union has a fax machine for student use on the first floor, there is a fee for faxing.

How do I check out current textbooks that professors are using in their classes?
The library does not purchase course textbooks. You will need to purchase course textbooks either from the TWU bookstore or through an online retailer. Or, encourage your professor to place a copy on Reserve at the Library.

How do I find information on how to cite in APA / MLA / Chicago?
For information on different citation formats, please refer to the Writing & Citing Subject Guide.

How do I pay my fines?
Payment of fines by cash (exact change only), check, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express are accepted at the Denton Circulation Desk whenever the Library is open. Credit card payments for any campus may also be made by telephone at (940)- 898-3719. Payment of fines by cash (exact change only) and check are accepted at the Dallas Center circulation desk during open hours.  Please see Blocks & Fines for more information.

How do I renew a book over the phone?
Materials may be renewed by calling 940-898-3786 for the Denton campus, or 214-689-6602 for Dallas campus. For more information, see Renew Materials.

How do I print color documents at the library?
The library no longer has a color printer. We suggest that you go to Pack’n’Mail (624 W. University) or FedEx Office (2430 S. I-35E, Suite 176) to obtain color copies. Prices and hours vary so call ahead for specific information.

How do I print non-color documents at the library and how much does it cost?
TWU students, faculty, and staff may print from TWU Libraries computers at no charge. There is a 20 page limit for print-outs. GoPrint Printers are available on the first, second and third floors of the TWU Denton Library. See Photocopying & Printing for more information.

How do I make photocopies at the library and how much does it cost?
The Dallas Library has two photocopiers in the library located against the wall. A coin machine is available on the 3rd floor near the cafeteria.  Coin operated copy machines are available on the first floor of the Blagg-Huey Library. Copies cost ten cents each on these machines. Other copy machines require that a copy card be purchased at the circulation desk for $1.00. Copies made on copy card machines are nine cents each.. Please see Photocopying & Printing for more information.
How do I reserve a study room?
Study rooms are located on the second and third floors of the Blagg-Huey Library and can be reserved online at or at the Circulation Desk located on the first floor. Please see Study Areas for location maps and additional information. The Dallas Library has 8 study rooms that can be reserved up to two weeks in advance for 4 hour intervals. Reservations are made online from the library’s home page.

How do I use databases for my online research?
A complete list of databases may be found on the Databases A-Z Title List. If you would like to find databases that are specific to your subject, see the Subject Guides page.

How do I find a quiet place to study in the library?
If you are looking for a quiet place to study, you may also reserve a study room. Study rooms are located on the second, third, and ground floors of the Blagg-Huey Library and may be reserved online at or at the Circulation Desk located on the first floor. Please see Study Areas for location maps and additional information.

How do I distinguish between scholarly and popular journals?
Scholarly journals are written by and for scholars, researchers, and professionals in a a particular field. Popular magazines are written to appeal to the general public. For more information on differences between the purpose, audience, sources, and format of scholarly and popular journals, see Scholarly or Popular Journal.

How can I set up an appointment with a librarian who can give me individual assistance? Please call 940-898-3701 or use the Ask a Librarian to set up an appointment with a librarian.

Borrowing & Interlibrary Loan

I'm an undergraduate / master's student / Ph.D. student / faculty, how long can I keep items when I check them out?
Please see Borrowing Materials for more information on check-out privileges for TWU students, staff, faculty, and those who have courtesy cards.

The Houston / Dallas Center Library has a book I need. Can you send it to me here in Denton or to my home address?
Use Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan if a book (or journal article) is held at a different campus. The materials will be available for pick up at your preferred location. If you are a distance student, your materials will be mailed to you.

What is an interlibrary loan request and how do I make one? How long does it take to fulfill my request?
An interlibrary loan request is a request for an item not currently owned by TWU Libraries. The TWU Libraries have a new electronic system to request items called ILLiad Average turn-around time on requests is 12 days.

I need to check out a book, but I don't have my TWU ID card. Can I still check the book out?
TWU students, staff and faculty must present the TWU ID card to check out library materials and only the person identified on the card may use it. If your TWU ID card is unavailable, you will not be able to check out library resources, including laptops, Interlibrary Loan, and reserve materials.

Are students able to check out media (e.g., VHS, DVD, etc.) and for how long?
Students in Denton are able to check out media items. Here, audio media checks out for a three week period, and visual media checks out for a one week period.  Dallas Center Library allows checkout of media for in-house use and will also check out non-reserve media according to the media check-out policy.  Please see Media Check-out for more information.

You don't have the book I am looking for so what do I do next?
If you are not a TWU student, staff, or faculty member, please check WorldCat to find out what other libraries have it.
If you are a TWU student, staff, or faculty member and would like us to consider adding this to the collection, fill out the Book or Media Purchase Form. If you would like to use the book for a limited time (usually 3-4 weeks), place an Interlibrary loan request and we will borrow it from another library for your use.


New Students

How do I register for library services?
Current TWU students, staff, and faculty are automatically registered for library services. For TWU students, library registration takes place when all university registration processes are complete; staff are registered upon hire; faculty are registered on the first official day of the semester of their initial employment. 

What is TexShare and how do I go about getting a card? TWU students, staff, and faculty may request a TexShare Card online at here or at their circulation desk, which allows users to borrow items from numerous libraries throughout the state of Texas. TexShare Card Holders are subject to each TexShare library's institutional rules and regulations when borrowing materials. Please check hours and policies prior to making a visit to a participating site.

Information About The Library

What are your hours for Main Library, Women's, and Children's/Media?
For information about hours for Denton, Dallas and Houston campuses, see Hours & Directions.

I'm not a student there, but can I come in and check out a book or use the databases?
Courtesy cards are available at all locations to the following: UNT Students, Staff, Faculty; TX A&M commerce Students, Staff, Faculty; TexShare Patrons; TWU Alumni Association Members; Denton County Residents; Dallas County Residents. There is a guest computer available in the Denton Library. 
The Dallas Library has a guest login for non-TWU patrons. Guest will have access to TWU Library databases and the internet.  See Visitors & Friends for more information.

I want to work in your library, where can I look to see if you have any positions available and where do I apply?
Student positions with TWU Libraries will be posted through the Career Services Center. See Staff and Employment Opportunities for paraprofessional library staff and librarian positions.

Why do you start making closing announcements 20 minutes before you actually close?
Saving documents and closing computer applications takes time. We we want to be sure our patrons have plenty of time to save their work and shut down their computer applications before DPS comes to turn on the alarms at closing time.

I lost money in the vending machine / copier / change machine, how can I get my money back?
We no longer refund money lost in the coke or candy machines. The Library is not responsible for these two machines. However, if money is lost using the copier or the change machine, please come to room 206 Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM for full refunds.

How do I find out if the library is closed due to bad weather or other situation?
To find out if the library will be closed due to inclement weather, check the TWU home page, or sign up for the Pioneer Alert System.

Does the library have a lost & found? How long are items kept?
Yes, all campuses have a lost & found at the circulation desks. In Denton, the items remain in the Library for 7 days, after which they are turned over to DPS. The Dallas Library sends most of their items to DPS. To claim an item, present a TWU ID or a Driver's License.

Is there an outside bookdrop and where is it located?
Yes. An outside book return is located at the front porch of the library on the far left side. Items may be returned in the book return anytime.

Are children allowed in the library? Can I leave them in the Children's Collection while I go to other parts of the library?
TWU Libraries expect all children age 15 and younger will be accompanied by an adult. If a child is unattended and/or disruptive staff need ways to ensure the safety of the child and protect the environment of the Library, which is intended for reading, studying, reflecting, and visiting quietly. Staff will:
1) Notify parents, guardians, or responsible caregivers whose children need additional supervision; or in their absence
2) Contact the authorities such as the Department of Public Safety either to assist with the enforcement of discipline in the library or to ensure the safety of the unattended child.
Staff will make a reasonable effort to see that children leave the Library comfortably and safely at closing time. If any children remain at library closing, staff will contact the Department of Public Safety.

Technical Support

I can't remember my Pioneer portal login/password or my login/password isn't working, who do I contact?
If you are having problems with your Pioneer portal login/password, you will need to contact the Help Desk.

I need help with Microsoft Word / PowerPoint / Excel, do you have any resources that would help me?
If you are having trouble with Microsoft products, there are several items available for checkout that might be helpful, including:
  • Teach yourself visually Microsoft Office 2007 / by Sherry Willard Kinkoph.
  • Microsoft Office 2007 business intelligence reporting, analysis, and measurement from the desktop / Doug Harts.
  • Microsoft Office 2007 for Windows / by Steve Schwartz

Do you have laptops / headphones available for checkout? How long may they be checked out?
Laptops and headphone are available for a 4 hour check out at the circulation desks of all TWU Libraries. TWU students, staff and faculty may also check out mice in the Denton and Dallas Libraries.

I am having trouble with BlackBoard, who can I contact?
If you are having problems with Blackboard, you will need to contact the Technology Service Desk.

I am using Firefox to access TWU Libraries' electronic resources. I am getting an error message about an invalid security certificate. What do I do?
Install the valid, trusted, self-signed certificate. Please view the handout Adding a Certificate Exception in Firefox.

I am trying to access the TWU Libraries' electronic resources from the school district / business / medical facility where I work and I am unable to do so.   What should I do?
EZ-Proxy is a system that allows users to access TWU Libraries' electronic resources both on and off-campus. Users on networks with tight security restrictions, such as medical facilities and school districts, may have difficulty attempting to access EZ-Proxy. You can either use another network or contact the IT department at that institution and ask them to open the following ports: 443, 2048-5000 (this wide range is required for our patrons because of heavy usage — the port assigned to your session is randomly assigned).