WASP Wings and Uniforms

WASP Uniform Quotes

from the letters of Madge Rutherfor Minton

"I look right fetching in my pretty flight suit even if I can’t walk in it very well [….]"
2/25/43 – Letter to mother and father

"From what she said, we gathered we would be in uniform almost constantly after we report to our induction center. The uniform will be same as army air corps officer’s uniform, complete with shoulder insignia and wings. We will be officers in every sense expect we will not wear bars."
6/17/43 – Letter to mother and father

"Although the ‘wolves’ are rampant here, in uniform a gal is plenty safe – due, I suppose, to a fundamental male dislike of women in uniforms."
8/23/43 – Letter to mother and father

"Currently, the funniest sight on the field is the expression on the face of tired Lt.s, fresh from trans-oceanic voyage when they spot some beauty in a WASP uniform."

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How the Uniform was Worn

Wearing of the WASP Uniform is the official document issued by the Army Air Forces detailing the components of the WASP uniform, and the manner in which it was to be worn. This document also includes an inventory of the the clothing and equipment issued to each WASP or WASP trainee.


Pilot wings presented to Graduating Classes widely in 1943. The final official wings were presented to Class 44-1, and were worn by all graduates after that time. Women Pilots assigned to the Air Transport Command wore Air Transport Command Civilian Pilot Wings. The diamond shaped shield was said to have been selected because it was the shape of the shield carried by Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, War and Arts and Crafts.


Class 43-W-1

Class 43-W-2

Class 43-W-3

Classes 43-W-4, 43-W-5, 43-W-6

Class 43-W-7


Class 43-W-8

Classes 44-W-1 thru 44-W-10