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After the international student has arrived it is important to the TWU International Program and to the international student to maintain F1 status while they are in the U.S.  Here in OIE we find that international students are our best recruiters and that is due to receiving excellent service, and a quality education!  TWU Faculty and Staff along with OIE play an important role in ensuring that these standards are met and our international students stay immigration compliant while at TWU. 

Since immigration requires our office to hold a paper file on all of our international students and to document any and all changes to an international student's status, below is a list of forms that an international student will be required to complete and bring to your department for a signature and then return to OIE.  Most of the forms do include instructions but please do not hestitate to contact our office with questions.

Curricular Practical Training Information and Application

Full Time Enrollment Equivalency (Graduate Student)

On-line Course Reporting Form

Reduced Course Load Form

Request for New I-20

Social Security Checklist for International Students Employed on Campus

Social Security Employer Letter

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