Closing a Study

A research project may be closed once it no longer involves human subjects (i.e., the investigators have finished obtaining data through interaction or intervention with subjects or obtaining identifiable private information about the subjects). Once all such activities described in the IRB-approved protocol are finished, the research project no longer needs to undergo continuing review and should be closed. For example, when the only remaining activity of a research project involves the analysis of aggregate data sets without individual subject identifiers, no further continuing review is necessary. Similarly, simply maintaining individually identifiable private information without using, studying, or analyzing such information is not human subjects research and thus does not require continuing review.

Investigators must submit a request to close their file when approved research projects are completed. This request should be submitted prior to the expiration date of the study. Graduate students who have conducted research as required by degree plans will be cleared to graduate when all signed documents are received by the IRB and the Graduate School has been notified. When the study is complete, the file must be closed by submitting a Close Study Request Form

If you determine that your study is not yet complete, you may request the IRB extend the approval.


Page last updated 2:27 PM, March 13, 2018