Dining Services

You may also visit Aramark's Campus Dish webpage for additional information about dining hours and locations.

Fall 2017- Spring 2018 Meal Plan Rates

The Food Service agreement can be found within your housing contract. Please review the rates and contract terms.

Meal Plan Requirements Based on Housing

Guinn/Stark or Jones Hall

Traditional Meal Plan Options Cost (Including Tax)
University Meal Plan (All Dining Dollars) $1,916.03
12 Meals with $250 Dining Dollars $1,840.26
10 Meals with $200 Dining Dollars $1,759.06
8 Meals with $250 Dining Dollars $1,645.40
8 Meals with $150 Dining Dollars $1,537.15

Lowry Woods Community and Grove St

Residential Commuter Plan Options Cost (Including Tax)
Residential Commuter 500 $541
Residential Commuter 300 $325
Commuter 40 with $150 Dining Dollars $379

*If a meal plan is not selected then the lowest plan available will be billed to your student account.*

Meal Plan Exceptions

For Guinn/Stark or Jones Hall Residents, there are no exceptions to the meal plan requirement.

For Lowry Woods and Grove St you may be exempt from the meal plan requirement if you meet one or more of the following:

  • You are 21 years or older before the start of the semester
  • You have 60 or more credit hours before the start of the semester

Please note Lowry Woods and Grove St residents are not restricted to Residential Commuter Plan Options.

Dietary Restrictions

TWU offers a variety of options to accommodate all dietary lifestyles. If you should have any questions regarding food options for your dietary needs, please email our Food Services Director, John McRae at mcrae-john@aramark.com.

Checking Your Balance

The ID Systems department is currently working on more convenient ways to check your meal plan balance but in the meantime you may check you balance the following ways:

  • Any dining cashier can tell you your balance and it is also provided on your receipt after each purchase.
  • You may call our office at 940-898-3565 Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM.