Texas Woman's University Staff Handbook
Employment At-Will

Texas Woman’s University is an "Employment At-Will" university. This means that once hired, an employee serves at the pleasure of Texas Woman’s University. Discontinuance of employment may occur at any time, without cause, at the discretion of Texas Woman’s University.

Texas Woman’s University’s policies and procedures:

Supervisors and all other Texas Woman’s University managers involved in the hiring process are not authorized to make any statement providing any assurance of job security or continued employment to present, prospective or newly hired workers. Similarly, in their dealings with employees, managers and supervisors are not authorized to make any promises or assurances of continued employment in the event of satisfactory performance.

Only the Chancellor and President or his/her designee is authorized to enter into an employment contract with any employee. In the event of such a contract, it shall be in writing. No oral agreements shall be binding on Texas Woman’s University.

Texas Woman's University is an Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action, Americans with Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Employer.

This Staff Handbook has been prepared by the Office of Human Resources as a convenient and useful guide for staff employees of Texas Woman's University and should not be construed as a contract between the University and its employees. The contents of this Staff Handbook are subject to changes in existing and applicable state or federal laws and regulations.

In some instances the material in this Staff Handbook is a summary of the complete TWU policy.   Should the summary differ from the full TWU Policy in the Staff Handbook, the full TWU policy shall prevail.

Please refer to TWU University policy 3.13 "Employment At-Will Policy"

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